You might be a “vintage” SLP if …



You may be a “vintage” SLP if …..

* a patient’s grandmother says “I played with that toy when I was a child” (ummm… yes I am still using my Fisher Price Mini Bus, circa 1969)

* a patient’s father states “that’s the year I was born” (ummm…. yeah I’m still using the Illco Sesame Street House I bought while in grad school in 1988)

* you remember the smell and color of mimeograph handouts

* you “laminated” with clear contact paper

* you photocopied PCS symbols and colored them with map pencils because Boardmaker had not been invented yet (or you remember the even older Bliss symbols)

* you had to use a pay phone to find out why the Early Intervention office had “paged” you because cell phones had not been invented yet

* you had to figure out how to get to EI home visits soley based on a map and the Resource Coordinator’s handwritten directions (nope. GPS and the Internet weren’t available back in the early part of my career either)

* there was no e-mail

* there was no internet

* you had materials from Communication Skillbuilders

* there was no Super Duper

* you were proud of the artic cards you made with magazine pictures or stickers on index cards.

* there was no Teachers Pay Teachers

* IEPs and IFSPs were written by hand

* you used an external mic to record your voice on a child’s new Dynavox 2c because no 3 year old should have to have a robotic voice

* you felt super high tech with your Apple 2c and dot matrix printer that was so loud your roommate left when you printed

* you remember the huge Peabody cards in the metal box or the Fokes Sentence Builder kit

* you remember the horrid SICD test in the tackle box (ummm…. yeah many of those items were a choking hazard for infants & toddlers)

* you started a Yahoo listserve group as a way to distribute info to other therapists (in the pre-Facebook days)

* you are excited to find your “speechie tribe” in the Boomer SLPs group:


Printable PDF of the Vintage SLP sign: 

Click to access vintage-slp.pdf


Any other “vintage” SLPs out there? What do you remember from the early days of your career? See my post on OMazing Kids:

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