{App Review} Speech and Language Warm-Ups by Super Duper Publications



{App Review} Speech and Language Warm-Ups by Super Duper Publications

I have several tough-to-motivate patients with severe speech sound disorders who have been easily engaged with use of this new app. It is affordable and full of several great features. Speech & Language Warm-Ups targets following directions, breath support, production of individual sounds, and lip, tongue, and jaw movements. The Speech & Language Warm-Ups app includes:

  • 24 engaging activities
  • Video models of each exercise that can be enlarged or hidden
  • Audio of each poem (tap on the text to speak or pause)
  • Animated illustrations (tap on the pic to pause)
  • Ability to use built-in camera so student can view his/her own productions (can be enlarged or hidden). This allows you to customize the experience for individual patient needs. I had one patient who was very self conscious about being on screen but once I toggled the camera off he loved the app. All my other patients were in love with seeing themselves on the iPad… lol!
  • A full screen split screen can show either the camera and the animation at the same time or the camera and the video at the same time.
  • Ability to select specific exercises
  • Option to create sequences of activities
  • Quick Play option
  • Can be used in landscape or portrait orientation

Targeted Skills:

  • Hungry Cow — jaw and tongue mobility
  • Dog’s Tail — tongue mobility
  • Giraffe’s Neck — tongue mobility
  • Circle (Pinwheel) — tongue mobility
  • Scared Turtle — tongue mobility for “G” and “K” sounds
  • Toothbrush — tongue mobility
  • Clock — production of “T” sound
  • Snake — production of “S” sound
  • Zipper (Kangaroo) — production of “Z” sound
  • Tire — production of “F” sound
  • Fan — production of “TH” sound
  • Teacher (Rabbit) — production of “SH” sound
  • Scratch an Itch (Cat) — tongue mobility for “R” sound
  • Horse — tongue strength and coordination for “L” sound
  • Paintbrush (Mouse) — tongue mobility for “L” and “R” sounds
  • Lion — production of “G” and “R” sounds
  • Old Car — production of “K” sound
  • Thirsty Kid — production of “G” sound
  • Wind — breath support and control for “W” sound
  • Play a Song — velum closure and awareness of nasality in air flow
  • Make Friends — lip control for “R” and “S” sounds
  • Say Good-bye — lip strength and coordination for “P,” “B,” and “M” sounds
  • Balloon — lip closure, lip control, and air pressure
  • Mountain — breath control


Wishes for a future app update (submitted via e-mail to the app developer on 6/8/16): For the activities that target specific speech sounds, it would be helpful to have the sound labeled on the top right colored corner of those cards to make it quicker to find a specific sound when working with a patient. This would be helpful both in the quick play and sequences areas. Currently that info is only found under the “?” button.

Update 4/29/20: I made this free visual since the targeted skills are still not easy to determine when selecting activities in the app:

Free visual for Super Duper Speech and Language Warm Ups app

Speech and Language Warm-Ups app by Super Duper (visual for skills targeted in each activity) – made by Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP at OMazing Kids


I highly recommend this app! You could easily spend more than this on a printable of just the rhymes if such a thing even existed on TPT and this app has the rhymes, animated illustrations, video modeling and visual feedback like you would get in a mirror. It’s a perfect example of how an app can be better than the “old school” way of doing speech therapy. See this post for more about use of the iPad as a tool in your SLP toolbox: https://omazingkidsllc.com/2016/06/09/the-ipad-the-slp-toolbox/.

App Store link: Speech & Language Warm-Ups by Super Duper Publications
https://appsto.re/us/OV2Aab.i, $3.99, iPad only, requires iOS 8.2 or higher
Disclaimer: I purchased this app at full price and my opinions are strictly my own.
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