{FREE Printable} 24 verbs for the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank



Since so many folks were excited about the {FREE Printable} 60 early vocabulary cards for the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank, I decided to make a few verb picture cards.  

Don’t have Boardmaker? Here are the PDF versions:

Data collection sheet: 24 Verbs for the Fisher Price Piggy Bank – Data Collection Sheet


I am NOT planning on attaching these to the plastic coins that come with the piggy bank. That would be fun but would require several extra sets of those coins and would not fit well to the rapid pace I often use to keep kids with Autism, ADHD and other special needs engaged. These are sized to fit the slot at the top of the original version of this toy….. (see more details on the original post with a free printable for 60 nouns: https://omazingkidsllc.com/2016/04/20/free-printable-60-early-vocabulary-cards-for-the-fisher-price-laugh-learn-piggy-bank/).


A word about using props like this in therapy….. Of course I don’t want kids to only name pics in the context of having a specific toy or prop present. So I may use a variety of props and then have a well thought out plan for how I will fade out the props. This is especially important when working with kids with Autism. It is also important to teach a variety of examples. For verbs this could include using video clips & acting out actions.

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