A peek inside my special needs acceptance & awareness library….



One of the frequent requests I receive is for suggestions regarding resources to help kids understand & appreciate special needs. The reason why I have a variety of resources for this is that there is no “one size fits all” resource. Some of the books in my library are geared towards group or classroom settings (but can also be modified for individual use). Some are geared towards specific special needs. Some are more subtle with general themes of respect, compassion & caring. Some are new and some have been in my library since I started my career as a SLP over 25 years ago. My library is frequently expanding but here’s what it includes at the moment:


  • A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan
  • All Kinds of Friends by Ellen B. Senisi
  • ASD and Me: Learning About High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder by Teresa DeMars
  • Can I Tell You About Autism?: A guide for friends, family and professionals by Jude Welton
  • Do-si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit by Sarah Stup
  • How Katie Got a Voice (and a cool nickname) by Patricia L. Mervine, SLP
  • I Like Birthdays…. It’s the parties I’m not sure about! by Laurie Renke
  • Ian’s Walk: A Story About Autism by Laurie Lears
  • In Jesse’s Shoes: Appreciating Kids With Special Needs by Beverly Lewis
  • Leah’s Voice by Lori DeMonia
  • Love for Logan by Lori DeMonia
  • Meet the Beaker Kids: A book for anyone who’s ever had “enough” by Shanna Philipson
  • Show You Understand: Learning about Compassion and Caring by Regina G. Burch
  • Someone Special Just Like You by Tricia Brown
  • Sometimes My Brother: Helping Kids Understand Autism Through a Sibling’s Eyes by Angie Healy
  • Special People, Special Ways by Arlene Maguire
  • The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism by Ellen Sabin
  • The One and Only Special Me by Rozanne Lanczak Williams
  • The Special Needs Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Special Needs by Ellen Sabin
  • This is Gabriel Making Sense of School: A Book About Sensory Processing Disorder by Hartley Steiner
  • We Can Do It! by Laura Dwight


I only have listed books that I have in my personal library. If you are an author of a book or resource geared towards helping kids understand special needs and would like me to review your work OR if you have questions about any of the resources I have listed, the best way to reach me is via Facebook Messaging on my OMazing Kids Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/messages/174264525957894.

(My e-mail is listed below but I am getting tons of spam mail due to using that account for social media and blogging…. to the point that I may not receive the e-mail or it being buried among the spam.)



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OMazing Kids LLC is an organization that promotes inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities. The blog and social media pages share information about books, DVD’s, CD’s, games and other products specifically designed for kids wellness, mindfulness and relaxation, product reviews & giveaways, lesson plan & activity ideas, research, kids wellness in the news and a connection corner with listings of individuals doing adapted yoga and those offering trainings.

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