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brainstorming on OMazing Kids

Put on your thinking cap & come join the fun brainstorming sessions we have been having on the OMazing Kids Facebook page!

{Brainstorming & Networking Invitation}  I love networking and sharing ideas! Feel free to ask a question, share ideas, share links for fun things, share your kids yoga Facebook page, blog posts, etc…. Anything related to kids yoga, kids wellness, education, special needs, etc. is fine. Feel free to post on the OMazing Kids Facebook page or send me a Facebook message and I’ll be glad to share it with the group. If you post logged in as your FB page, please give your name & if you post logged in as yourself, please “tag” or include the link to your kids yoga FB page if you have one. It will help folks get to know each other & build connections. It’s also one of the main ways I find new FB pages to “like” 🙂

The only things that I ask in return are that you post a comment on that brainstorming session thanking folks who took the time to share ideas, that you consider “liking” each other’s kids yoga Facebook pages & that you consider inviting a couple of friends to come join us on OMazing Kids.

I have been using the “schedule post” feature to schedule the brainstorming posts for 7:00am CST and we have had wonderful participation!

Check out the fabulous questions & ideas shared so far:

3/5/13 {Brainstorming Question} Rebecca Villa asks: Have you come across any resources or ideas for western/cowboy/girl themes? I was asked to teach a kids yoga class at an event where this is the theme and could use some ideas. It is a class for toddlers. Any good book ideas??? Thanks in advance for any help! See the ideas shared on this Facebook post

3/7/13 {Brainstorming Question} Carrie Sheffield asks “I am running a manners workshop this Saturday for kids ages 5-12. Any great ideas?”  See the ideas shared on this Facebook post

3/8/13 {Brainstorming Question} Susan McGarrah Bonanno asks “Any suggestions on managing a large group? I’ve been recruited to teach the yoga portion of a fitness series for 32 six-to-nine year olds in my local public school. Excited to get yoga into the schools, petrified about managing 32 kids who may not have had exposure to yoga! I will have adult helpers but no yoga instructors. Can’t split it into smaller groups. Thanks!”  See the ideas shared on this Facebook post

3/13/13 {Brainstorming Question} Becky Groberg asks “Any fun ideas for a transportation theme for kids 4-11?”  See the ideas shared on this Facebook post


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