Amazon Fire AAC: Speech Assistant AAC app, Alphabetical Keyboard app & a talking calculator app

Yesterday there was an SLP who was looking for a free or very inexpensive text-based AAC app with the option for an alphabetical keyboard for use on an Amazon Fire tablet that the patient already owned.

I enjoy helping folks find a good combination of AAC options to meet specific needs & I’m a big supporter of first using whatever tech an individual has and finding a good affordable option to put on that so they have something to use immediately. Then if they need something else like a dedicated device you can do an AAC eval to pursue funding for it.

I had recently done extensive trials of AAC options available on the Amazon Appstore & the Google Play App Store and saved all of that info in my “Basic Feature Chart for Affordable and Free AAC apps & AAC-Related Apps (iOS, Android Google Play, Amazon Fire, Windows + a few Web-Based options)” so I could easily find the combination of very specific options she needed.

This video shows the combination of using the Android version of the Speech Assistant AAC app + the Android Alphabetical Keyboard app side loaded on my Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet:

Apps in the video:

* Speech Assistant AAC (Android):

* Alphabetical Keyboard (Android):

* Academy Speaking Calculator: Amazon: & Android:

This was possible after following instructions that I found online: How to Install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet: (I like that he keeps that post updated. Pay close attention to the instructions for your exact model of tablet & follow the precise instructions)

Want more info about affordable and free AAC and AAC-Related apps across all of the major app platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire & Windows)? Check out the Basic Feature Chart for Affordable and Free AAC apps & AAC-Related Apps:

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