GoTalk Now and GoTalk Now Plus: How to Link Two or More Different Communication Books using Quick Buttons Pop-Up

I get messages or see posts pretty frequently about how to handle the situation where an AAC user has more than one User Area or Communication Book. This often occurs when folks create something with a specific environment in mind rather than looking at the bigger picture.

Of course we all want our AAC users to have access to robust vocabulary but it’s unfair to remove something that they have already been using.

So instead of taking something away I look for ways to add to or to link what they have.

The options for doing that depend on the particular AAC app. Thankfully GoTalk Now and GoTalk Now Plus offer a way to do this.

This video shows you an option using the Quick Button pop-up area. I like using this since it’s available from any page.

Just be sure to create a button in each book to be able to toggle back and forth.

You’ll need to backup each book and might have to re-link them if they are reinstalled.

Of course having everything in one book to meet needs across environments is ideal but sometimes that doesn’t happen. This is one way that I’ve tried to make the best of that situation.

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Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC, OMazing Kids AAC Consulting