Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good … jump on in and start AAC

AAC is as much an art as a science. There’s lots of trial and error. Lots of tweaking or combining things to meet unique needs. And user’s needs change over time. There’s no one “best” or “one size fits all” system, app or device. So it’s important to just dive in and start somewhere. Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy of good. It’s better to get something done imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.

I love seeing videos and pictures of how others have customized AAC to meet unique needs. I think that’s why I’m active in so many different AAC related groups on Facebook. Those examples get my creativity flowing.

I don’t recall a time that I ever just used an AAC app or SGD just “as is”. I always personalized it.

I love to tinker with things and come up with creative solutions. I can tell you based on over 30 years of experience as an AAC SLP, there is no one “best”, “right” or “one size fits all” way. Not even for users with the same diagnoses. There are too many variables and above all the individual preferences of that user and their family.

Some older teens and young adults preferred to use more than one option and the freedom to pick what worked for them in that moment.

I also mash together options like using keyboard extension apps within AAC apps that allow access to those. That opens up a whole world of possibilities for adapted keyboards, calculator keyboards, whiteboard keyboards where the user can draw to communicate, etc.

Want to learn more about the features in AAC apps in order to know what the possibilities might be? Check out the Feature Matching Chart for the Top 11 robust iOS symbol-based AAC apps:

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