Big AAC app sales in October 2021… includes GoTalk Now on sale for only $10.00

Wow 🤩 Check out all the AAC app sales coming up. Thanks to Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC – SLP for having it all in one graphic. Be sure to mark your calendars. Some of the sales are very short. In particular the one for GoTalk Now is just a one day sale. What a deal for only $10 (or less for those who purchase apps in bulk).

New to AAC app sales?

  • Have your iPad ready to install apps. Some of these apps are “iPad only” which means you cannot purchase them via an iPhone. Make sure you have plenty of memory available on that iPad.
  • Look closely at all the info on Lauren’s post.
  • Mark your calendar and when the sale begins for the app that you want head over to the Apple App Store to check the price.
  • Make sure the sale price shows up before you purchase it. Prices may change at different times depending on your time zone.
  • Don’t wait until the end of a sale timeframe to get the app that you want. You don’t want to miss out.
  • Some of the deals are only available through the app developer. See Lauren’s graphic for all of those details.
  • Once a sale starts there’s nothing you have to do to get that price. That sale price will be what shows up in the App Store.

(Note: Prices vary outside of the USA based on the exchange rate)

New GoTalk Now AAC App Facebook Group:

Here are the answers to questions about the upcoming GoTalk Now app sale that I received directly from my contact at Attainment Company, Inc.:

  • Yes the sale price will be available through the Apple VPP program.
  • Yes the sale price will be available worldwide for GoTalk NOW on 10/10/21.
  • No other versions or in-app purchases are part of the sale. The sale is specifically for GoTalk NOW as we are celebrating it’s ten year anniversary.
    Hope this helps 😊 Be sure to set your reminders / write your post-it notes. The sale is only for 1 day (10/10/21). Also join the GoTalk Now AAC App – Ideas and Sharing group:

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