Grid for iPad: a visual guide to getting started (new TPT product)

This visual guide walks you through the initial set up and customization process for the Grid for AAC app on the iPad.

*** There is one topic per page with visuals ***

It is perfect for those who are brand new to the app and want screenshots for every step in the initial set up, tips on choosing a grid set and customization options to help buttons stand out.

Preview Video:

Available for purchase on my TPT store:

Want more specific details about this product?

It is a 65 page PDF that covers the following areas:

• Setting the course

• Presume Potential

• Multimodal Communication

• Involving the child to foster ownership

• Core & Fringe Vocabulary

• Importance of having access to a keyboard area

• Begin with the end in mind

• The screens that will be seen during set up

• Screenshots and info about the grid set options that are recommended

• Setting up a Dropbox account

• Tips for choosing a Grid Set

• Choosing a voice

• Providing the “opportunity” to try a robust vocab file

• Adjusting the settings to help the buttons stand out on the screen

• How to change the size & shape of individual buttons

• How to change the Symbol Skin Tone

• Areas on the Super Core 50 Home Screen

• How to find the “Find Word” to locate where words are stored in the app

• Info about the Magic Wand feature

• How to find the Grid Guide and Help area within the app and additional info on the Smartbox website

• Smartbox Community Group on Facebook

• Resources and free webinars on the Smartbox website

• Smartbox’s YouTube Channel

The last page has the link to an unlisted YouTube video (13:36) that’s provided to supplement this resource

If you want links to be clickable, please view the PDF in the free Xodo app (, Books/iBooks app or other PDF viewer.

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