LAMP Words for Life App: a visual guide to getting started (new TPT product)

This visual guide walks you through the initial set up and customization process for the LAMP Words for Life AAC app on the iPad.

*** There is one topic per page with visuals ***

It is perfect for those who are brand new to the app and want screenshots for every step in the initial set up, tips on choosing a vocabulary file and customization options to help buttons stand out.

Video overview:

Available for purchase on my TPT store:

Want more specific details about this product?

It is a 51 page PDF that covers the following areas:

  • Setting the course
  • Presume Potential
  • Multimodal Communication
  • Involving the child to foster ownership
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Core & Fringe Vocabulary
  • Importance of having access to a keyboard area
  • Screenshots and info about the 1-Hit, Transition and Full Vocabulary options
  • The screen that will be seen during set up
  • How to copy a vocab file
  • Providing the “opportunity” to try a robust vocab file
  • Adjusting the settings to help the buttons stand out on the screen
  • How to change the Symbol Skin Tone
  • How to backup customized programming
  • Choosing a voice
  • Areas on the Home Screen
  • How to find the “How To” manual within the app and on the LAMP Words for Life website
  • Using Vocabulary Builder
  • Using Word Finder
  • LAMP Words for Life Users Group on Facebook
  • Resources and free webinars on the LAMP Words for Life website
  • Webinars specifically for parents/caregivers
  • Resources on the PRC website
  • The Center for AAC & Autism’s YouTube playlist specifically about programming on the iPad (which is different than programming it on an Accent device)
  • The PRC YouTube channel
  • The last page has the link to an unlisted YouTube video (11:36) that’s provided to supplement this resource

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