New Recorded Webinar: Outside of the Box – Customizing AAC Apps to Meet Unique Needs – High Contrast Symbols plus free bonus content

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Outside of the Box – Customizing AAC Apps to Meet Unique Needs – High Contrast Symbols (Recorded Video Webinar):

This recorded video webinar covers:

• 19 ways that AAC apps can be modified with an extra focus on High Contrast Symbols

• Reasons for making modifications

• Detailed info about 7 iOS AAC apps that include High Contrast Symbols or have them available via extra purchase or by editing buttons

• A comparison of High Contrast Symbols vs. using iOS Accessibility Invert Colors

• A Case Study of how the GoTalk Now Lite app was customized to be used as a stepping stone to a robust AAC option

• Learn how I edited the entire LAMP Words for Life AAC app over a six month period to use High Contrast symbols on a black background. Includes a handout with info about how to find those symbols in the app and the Settings and Pronunciation Exceptions that I used

• How this modified LAMP Words for Life Vocab file is different than using LAMP Words for Life – VI on an Accent Speech Generating Device

• How you can receive a copy of my modified files for GoTalk Now and LAMP Words for Life as optional free bonus content

Expected Learner Outcomes:

1. List at least three modifications that can be made to AAC apps

2. List a reason for using High Contrast Symbols besides CVI / Vision Impairment

3. List at least two differences between LAMP WFL – VI & LAMP WFL modified with high contrast symbols

4. Give an example of how to use one AAC app as a stepping stone towards a more robust option

Expected Takeaways:

1. Have info about symbol-based AAC apps that include High Contrast Symbols or have them available via extra purchase or by editing buttons

2. Have info about how to find High Contrast Symbols in the LAMP Words for Life app on an iPad

3. Identify at least 3 modifications to use with current patients / students on their caseload

What’s included with the purchase of this product:

Recorded Webinar Video (33:53), unlisted YouTube link provided in the Supporting Document

Supporting Document (25 page PDF): Link to unlisted YouTube video webinar, Slides Handout (2 slides per page), How to Find LAMP Words for Life High Contrast Symbols in the iPad App & a Quiz). The Slides Handout portion of the PDF is best viewed the free Xodo app or Books app on an iPad (or similar PDF reader) vs. printing it due to the black background. The free Xodo app can be used on any platform and computers. The links are out on their website:

Optional Free Bonus Content (see more info below):

Vocab File for LAMP WFL FULL – High Contrast [original motor plans (NOT LAMP VI), edited to use High Contrast Symbols, added additional vocabulary]

Communication Book file for GoTalk Now – modified to be similar to LAMP WFL, High Contrast Symbols, pages for videos, toys and snacks

AAC apps featured in the slides and screencast video:

• Avaz (

• CoughDrop (, linked with LessonPix

• GoTalk Now Plus (Attainment Company,

• Grid for iPad (Smartbox Assistive Technology,

• LAMP Words for Life (PRC-Saltillo,

• Proloquo2Go (AssistiveWare,

• Snap Core First AAC (Tobii Dynavox,

• Speak for Yourself (

• TouchChat with WordPower (PRC-Saltillo,

Info & Tech requirements for optional bonus content:

• In order to receive the free bonus content, send your 4 quiz answers along with proof of purchase of this course (screenshot from Purchases area in TPT) in a private message to my OMazing Kids Facebook page ( I’ll reply with a Google Drive link where you can download the file for LAMP WFL & the file for GoTalk Now

• There is no guarantee that the modified AAC files will work on your iPad. These are being provided as FREE bonus content for those who complete and submit the quiz and are NOT part of the purchase of this training. Purchase of this training is for the content of the training itself and the knowledge gained about how to customize AAC apps

• These files can only be accessed on an iPad running the required minimum iOS for the LAMP Words for Life and GoTalk Now apps (preferably the most current iOS)

• That iPad needs to have plenty of free memory. The file for use in the GoTalk Now app contains 8 videos. Most AAC apps need at least 1GB of free memory to run smoothly

• Be sure to backup customized programming BEFORE attempting to install a file

• The AAC app needs to be fully installed and updated on that iPad before attempting to open the file to install it

• The GoTalk Now file can only be opened on GoTalk Now or GoTalk Now Plus (not the Lite or Starter versions)

• Occasionally edited symbols disappear when installing a file. If this happens, try downloading it again on a strong WiFi connection. You can also use my list of how to find the high contrast symbols to add it in edit mode. There are a few buttons where I used imported symbols. Those should also be in the symbol library. If you need additional help after trying these, feel free to send me a message on my OMazing Kids Facebook page

See the product description on TPT for more info and Terms of Use.

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