{The iPad & the SLP in 2020} Calming / Mindfulness / Self Regulation iOS Apps for Kids and Teens (curated list by Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP at OMazing Kids)


Here’s the next section that’s finished in my new list of apps for SLPs list by goal areas. Like all of my app lists… this is a curated list of apps that I have personally used. I’m going ahead and sharing it now since 2020 has been especially uncertain and stressful.

– These apps are intended to be used as tools alongside other off-device strategies. Feel free to look through the archives here on my blog and the albums on my OMazing Kids Facebook page. I have shared lots of ideas over the years 😊.

– It is important to be mindful of individual needs, sensory issues and history of previous trauma when choosing any tool and to collaborate with other professionals on that child’s team.

– Availability and links were all checked at the time this post was written (6:45pm CST, 8/28/20).

– Availability may vary outside of the USA. You can check iOS requirements for each app in the descriptions in the App Store. Some older apps may not work on newer devices and newer apps may not work on older devices.

– This post includes a mix of free & paid apps.

– I worked with kids, teens and young adults ages birth to 21 years so I have a wide range of apps on this list. Please choose apps that will fit the age and needs of the patients / students you serve.

– If you have an Android device, the easiest way to see if one of these is available on that platform is to copy the name from this list and do a search on the Google Play app store.

Calming / Mindfulness / Self Regulation:

There will be a separate section on the big blog post for Social Skills & Emotions.

Want to suggest an iOS app to be added to this post? The best way to reach me is via Facebook messaging over on my OMazing Kids page.

If it’s a free app, please send the link from the USA App Store so I can download and try it out. If it’s a paid app and you are the app developer, please send the link from the USA App Store so I can look at the info before you send a promo code. I want to make sure that one of my iPads or iPhone is compatible in order to try it out.

Please do not copy/paste this list onto other blogs or documents. I have it available here on my blog and plan on keeping my blog up for the foreseeable future.

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