*Archived – see more recent post* Review & Comparison of Features in Digital PODD iPad apps (simPODD, Grid for iPad and PODD with Compass) …. plus new PODD resources

*** Archived – see the most current post at: https://omazingkidsllc.com/2021/01/09/review-comparison-of-features-in-digital-podd-ipad-apps-in-2021-simpodd-grid-for-ipad-snap-core-first-and-podd-with-compass/ ***

Review & Comparison of Features in Digital PODD iPad apps (simPODD, Grid for iPad and PODD with Compass) …. plus new PODD resources

I just updated my comprehensive blog post about PODD AAC to add several new resources and an in-depth review and comparison of features in all of the digital PODD iPad apps currently available in the USA App Store: simPODD, Grid for iPad and PODD with Compass. Rather than doing it in a separate post I decided to add it to that post to keep everything PODD related in one spot.

Updated info is highlighted throughout that post and I tested all links and updated those. Scroll down towards the bottom of the post until you see the same pic that is on this post to find the app reviews and comparisons of features:


Updated 11/10/20: Tobii Dynavox just released Snap PODD as an ad-on within the Snap Core First app. See this post on Facebook for details: https://www.facebook.com/174264525957894/posts/3622621321122180/. I’ll be updating my big PODD blog post to add it to the comparisons once I test it out.

Want to suggest PODD resources or info to be added to that post? The best way to reach me is via Facebook messaging over on my OMazing Kids page. If you are an app developer and would like to have me review a new digital PODD app for the iPad or PODD that was added to an existing app via IAP, please send the link from the USA App Store so I can look at the info before you send a promo code. I want to make sure that one of my iPads is compatible in order to try it out.

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