Both versions of the Flip Writer Text to Speech / Speech to Text / Large Text AAC app are currently FREE! Plus info about keyboard extension apps.

This unique Text to Speech / Speech to Text / Large Text AAC app is definitely worth grabbing while it’s FREE! It’s been over 4 years since the iPad version has been free & the first time the iPhone version has ever been free. Based on previous pricing history they will likely only be free for a short time so get them quickly….. I have no way to know when it will revert back to full price. (verified as being available & free in the USA App Store at the time this post was written, 3:50pm CST on 6/20/20)
Flip Writer AAC – Unique Supports for Speech, Hearing, and Complex Needs by Navanit Arakeri,, iPad only, iOS 8.1 or later, usually $49.99.

Alternative keyboard extension apps can be used since this app uses the iOS iPad keyboard (see details below).
Flip Writer AAC Pocket by Navanit Arakeri,, iPhone or iPod Touch, iOS 10.0 or later, usually $24.99. I just downloaded it since it’s the first time that it’s been free.

Alternative keyboard extension apps are not an option on an iPhone or iPod Touch.
This particular app developer decided to release two versions of the app instead of making one Universal iOS app so you’ll need to grab both of these if you want to have it on your iPhone & iPad.
Be sure to read the info on their website to help you get up to speed on using the app:
When using this app on an iPad, you may want to look at a variety of keyboard extension apps. I’ve included screenshots of a few but there are even more options. Exploring alternative keyboards can be a game changer for making typing as a means of AAC accessible. Those apps would require a separate purchase. Scroll down to that section on this blog post: A couple are specifically for kids but the rest would be helpful for a wide range of ages.
For those who read this post later (after these two apps are no longer free) and are looking for other free and affordable Text to Speech AAC app, take a look at this post:
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