{App Reviews} Great special needs apps from Inclusive Technology / HelpKidzLearn


{App Reviews} Great special needs apps from Inclusive Technology / HelpKidzLearn

Looking for very well designed apps for kids with special needs? One of my “go to” recommendations are all of the apps from Inclusive Technology. Their apps always have an intuitive interface, excellent graphics (many on a high contrast solid black background), high quality voiceovers and sound effects, fun themes, immediate activation for teaching cause & effect, and many are switch capable but can also be used via touch on the iPad screen. Many are very affordable at $2.99 each. The apps priced higher than that include features that are well worth the price. See their website for in depth info about each app: http://www.helpkidzlearn.com/us/apps. They also offer Android versions for all of their apps on the Google Play store.

Here are the 6 most recent additions to my iPad app collection:

* Five Superboys by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/PvGJcb.i
* Five Big Dinosaurs by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/3AGJcb.i
* Five Little Firefighters by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/11FJcb.i
* Five Players by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/5xGJcb.i
* Five Girls in the Ring by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/UoGJcb.i
* Racing Cars by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/fTdJI.i

This one is always FREE:

* Finger Paint With Sounds by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/aIS9I.i

I also have and love:

* Big Bang Pictures by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/irX9I.i (fabulous high contrast app that is especially great for kids with visual impairments)
* Bumper Cars by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/sgmqH.i
* ChooseIt! Education by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/bcrb7.i (bundle of 3 apps)
* Counting Songs 1 by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/XGOe1.i (includes 10 song apps)
* Five Little Aliens by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/3ImqH.i
* Hidden Grid by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/TWInD.i (fabulous high contrast app that is especially great for kids with visual impairments)
* Inclusive Smarty Pants by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/71RnD.i
* Matching Cards – Snap by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/unp9Q.i
* Memory Pairs by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/Dlp9Q.i
* Shhhh! by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/RSfJI.i
* Splat The Clowns by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/7pgJI.i
* Train Tracker by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/IurMF.i
* Treasure Island by Inclusive Technology Ltd, https://appsto.re/us/fZhJI.i
Be sure to follow their Facebook page to see when new apps and online games are released: https://www.facebook.com/HelpKidzLearn

See app previews: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp3TLuJeSj3dZsPlBVQofzw.


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