{App Review} Flexible Speech USA articulation app


{App Review} Flexible Speech USA by Flexible Speech Pty. Ltd

iOS Universal app (works on iPad, iPhone or iPod: https://appsto.re/us/FCqV_.i, free trial, $9.99 IAP to unlock ongoing access

Info on how to use the app and more screenshots: http://www.flexiblespeech.com

* 11 Difficulty levels from syllable level to long sentence level
– Level 1: Sound combinations (CV+VC)
– Level 2: CVC words
– Level 3: 2 syllable words
– Level 4: 3+ syllable words
– Level 5: Mixed words
– Level 6: Clusters (blends)
– Level 7: Two word combinations
– Level 8: 3-4 word combinations
– Level 9: 5-6 word combinations
– Level 10: 7-8 word combinations
– Level 11: Clusters (blends) in sentences

* Choose from 22 single sounds and 20 sets of consonant clusters (blends)
* Initial, medial & final positions
* In app video and voice recording options
* Voiceovers and images can be customized

What I liked about the app:
* nice large color photos on a plain background
* quality voiceovers
* the ability to customize items with your own photos and voiceovers
* options to do voice recordings and video recordings and replay each
* how the app is broken down into 11 levels. Especially helpful when helping kids work on articulation beyond the 2 word phrase level. Many other apps have too big of a leap from phrases to very long sentences. This app provides several levels between the two. This feature will be the main reason I use and recommend this app.
* the app calculates a % correct (write it down or take a screenshot since the data is not stored)
* that they offer a free short term trial of the app

FYI…. The app does not currently offer features that some SLPs may be accustomed to (ex: a way to set up multiple users, e-mail results, store data to be compared over time or include a matching game) but I would not necessarily expect those features in an app priced at $9.99 especially since this particular app offers so much content broken down into 11 levels.

Wishes for future app update (have been given to the app developer who indicated that they are planning an update to incorporate them in a couple of months):
* make the icons for the “try again” and “undo” buttons a little more intuitive. The circular arrows are used to score an incorrect response / try again and the minus sign is used to undo a scoring error. In my opinion it would be easier to score if the correct & incorrect / try again buttons were both on the right side of the screen with one below the other.
* add option to do CVs & VCs separately from each other. It would also be nice for CVs and VCs that happen to be real words to have a picture of that word instead of the fluffy monster picture. I am planning on using the customization option to do this.
* add option to select specific types of vocalic /r/ instead of having them all r variations mixed together
* add the ability to upload a photo from the Camera Roll in addition to taking a photo when customizing the app
* add a way to clear out previous voice and video recordings (since the app doesn’t have a way to set up multiple users it will be helpful to be able to clear out these recordings without having to delete and reinstall the app)

Their social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flexispeech
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/flexispeech


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