{App Reviews} Twinnery & Sound Salad apps by Funny Yummy Studio



{App Reviews} Twinnery & Sound Salad apps by Funny Yummy Studio

Both of these apps are fun and unique new tools to add to my SLP toolbox! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Twinnery – Spot the Twins, https://appsto.re/us/DToPfb.i, $1.99 {but currently FREE for a couple of days so get it quickly)

I love the cute illustrations and owl avatars, that the matching is “face up”, options for single or two player mode, options for easy level (fields of 12 in single player mode or fields of 6 on each side in 2 player mode) and difficult level (fields of 18 in single player mode or fields of 9 on each side in 2 player mode), options to win at finding 10 matches or for whoever finds the most matches in a specified timeframe (3 minutes for single player, 5 minutes for 2 player). This game is more challenging than it first appears since the “twin” pictures often vary slightly in size and in orientation.

Wishes for a future update:
– to be able to toggle off the background music but leave the sound effects on. Many of my patients become overstimulated by constant background music no matter how nice it may seem to the adult. The ability to toggle this music off is a key feature in making an app special needs friendly.
– add an even easier “super simple” level (field of 8 in single player mode and field of 4 on each side in 2 player mode and for the pictures to be presented in identical orientation). The current “easy” level was a bit too hard for many of my patients.


Sound Salad – Help Mr. Ear by sorting sounds, https://appsto.re/us/KjFcab.i, $2.99

I love the introduction and the concept of needing to help Mr. Ear unmix the sound salad, the handcrafted look of the illustrations, the options for fields of 2, 3 or 4, the option for a timed mode, easy mode (tap each note and then drag to the item that makes that sound) and advanced mode (all of the sounds are presented and the you have to remember the sound each note made and drag it to the correct picture) and the way that Mr. Ear goes up the contraptions as you complete each level. I will likely be using the easier options in this app with my patients but it’s cool to have the more challenging options when needed.

Wishes for a future update:
– to be able to tap a note again to hear the sound replayed on the easy level. Many of my patients have attention and processing problems so having the option to replay a sound would make this app more accessible to them.
– option to toggle off the back arrow (I used Guided Access to prevent kids from tapping there. It takes you back to the beginning and you have to start all over again)
– option to save where you are and resume the game later.

Website: http://www.funnyyummystudio.com

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