{App Review} Drillaby Pro Speech Therapy Game – SLP Edition & Drillaby Remote



{App Review} Drillaby Pro Speech Therapy Game – SLP Edition & Drillaby Remote

Drillaby Pro is a speech therapy game designed for speech-language pathologists to use for articulation drills.  The app is designed to give kids lots of practice opportunities while playing a motivating game. The object of the game is to get Drillaby through four different areas on an island and then home.

Key features:

  • Explore an island with 4 areas (ocean, desert, jungle & arctic) to help Drillaby find 5 hidden words in each area. Pronounce those words correctly to earn stickers to fill her passport sticker book and get safely home.
  • Designed by certified speech-language pathologists.
  • Articulation game includes a choice of six sound groups: /k/-/g/, /t/-/p/, /v/-/f/, /sh/-/ch/, /l/, /s/ and /s/blends.
  • Three levels of difficulty including words in carrier phrases.
  • All sound groups can be presented in US, UK or AUS accents.
  • Session data records can be viewed for each student within the app or emailed as a .CSV attachment.

I love the game format of Drillaby Pro! I have several patients who can be difficult to motivate and they all loved this app. It has large colorful illustrations, high quality voiceovers, ability to set up multiple users, data collection with the option to e-mail results & an intuitive interface once you enter the game play area. The passport sticker book was helpful to keep a patient engaged to earn all the stickers to get Drillaby home. The app currently includes 10 sounds + s-blends. I like that each s-blend can be selected separately and that there multiple repetitions for each target. The “easy” level has 3 repetitions for each target word, the “medium” level has 5 repetitions for each target word & the “hard” level has 3 repetitions for each target word in a carrier phrases that also contains that another word with that sound (except the s-blends which use the carrier phrase “I see ______”.). This is a great app to add to any speechie toolbox!

I just have a few wishes for a future app update to make it even better:

  • It would be helpful to be able to select multiple sounds for each user in the set up menu and then tap on the one(s) you want to work on when entering the play area. It’s currently a bit cumbersome to have to edit the user every time you want to work on a sound in a different sound set.
  • add the final position for /l/
  • add the medial & final positions for /t/ & /p/
  • add more sounds to the app. I would LOVE to be able to use this app with more of my patients but it currently does not contain the following sounds: b, m, h, w, y, d, n, j, z, th (voiceless), th (voiced), l-blends, r, vocalic r, r-blends. Any sounds added should include all positions.
  • add the option to toggle back and forth between users for use in speech therapy groups. I am currently only seeing patients 1-on-1 but SLPs who work in school settings would find this feature very helpful.
  • some of the carrier phrases don’t make sense (ex: I pat ______ – pool). It would be nice to have the option to select the option to use a standard carrier phrase such as “I see ____” or “I found _______” that would make sense regardless of the target word.

* Drillaby Pro Speech Therapy Game – SLP Edition by SLP TechTools, https://appsto.re/us/tcVkL.i, $24.99

Work with “tap happy” kids in speech therapy who try to score every production as correct? Drillaby Remote is a cool companion app that allows the SLP to control scoring remotely from a second iOS device via Bluetooth.

* Drillaby Remote by SLP TechTools, https://appsto.re/us/DdOgR.i, .99
Website: http://www.slptechtools.com
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