{Book Reviews} 5 Great Books for SLPs: Being Frank, Dragon and Captain, Hammer and Nails, Hey! That’s My Monster & I Need My Monster by Flashlight Press



{Book Reviews} 5 Great Books for SLPs: Being Frank, Dragon and Captain, Hammer and Nails, Hey! That’s My Monster & I Need My Monster by Flashlight Press

  • Being Frank by Donna Earnhardt

Honesty is the best policy.” That’s Frank’s motto. But Frank’s overly frank comments tend to annoy his friends and teachers. Not even his own mother is all that fond of Frank’s “tell all” attitude. So Frank turns to his grandpa for help. “Everyone is mad at me for being frank. I’m not sure honesty is the best policy anymore.” A few outrageous hats, a spicy jar of relish, and some grandfatherly wisdom help Frank realize that truth is best served with more sugar and less pepper.

What I love as a SLP: This book is perfect to help kids with Autism or other special needs understand the concept of filtering the “truth” in a way that is considerate of another person’s feelings. The analogy of the truth being “best served with more sugar and less pepper” is fabulous!

Book trailer:

I’m planning on making an activity similar to this one to go with the book: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Social-Skill-Lesson-Honesty-without-Hurting-Feelings-2070400

Or this activity:

  • Dragon and Captain by P. R. Allabach

Dragon is a boy who always wears his dragon robe. And Captain is a boy with a three-sided hat. But as the boys’ imaginations take over, we see them as they see themselves, and the backyard as the boys see it: a dark forest, a craggy cliff, and the immense sea. Illustrated like a comic book but for kids at the picture book age level.

What I love as a SLP: I have been looking for a comic style picture book for younger kids after reading a post about using that style of books to help kids with Autism and other special needs understand the turn taking aspect of conversations. This book is exactly what I have been needing! I love the large illustrations and simple dialogue depicted on each page or two-page spread. This style of book also lends itself well to showing kids a sequence of events. It is also filled with lots of great vocabulary, verbs, adjectives, spatial concepts, predicting, inferencing, teamwork and imagination. The pirate theme is sure to be a hit with my patients! Even the end pages are illustrated as pirate’s map.

Book read aloud video:


  • Hammer and Nails by Josh Bledsoe

Darcy has plans. She and her friend are going to play dress up, do each other’s hair, and polish their nails. Daddy has plans, too. He’s going to read the paper, mow the lawn, and fix the fence. When Darcy’s friend cancels and she’s sure her day is ruined, Daddy suggests a Darcy-Daddy Day. Now they can tackle their to-do lists together. But will Darcy enjoy hammering? Will Daddy do nails? You bet! Join Darcy and Daddy as they discover the fun in trying new things, especially with someone you love.

What I love as a SLP: This book has great illustrations depicting emotions and a fabulous storyline of a day that a child thought was ruined by a change in plans instead turning into a fun-filled day with her Dad. I love that the day is a mixture of what the things she wanted to do and the things her Dad needed to accomplish. This book is filled with great examples of “flexible thinking” and discussing options. Lots of great vocabulary, verbs, adjectives, spatial concepts, taking turns, trying new things, silliness/humor and showing that even chores like mowing, laundry or fixing a fence can be fun if you use your imagination and are working together.

No video of this book yet but I’ll add one here later if one is made. In the meantime a cute picture:


  • Hey, That’s My Monster! by Amanda Noll

Hey, That’s MY Monster!, companion to the best-selling I Need My Monster, is an irresistible monster-under-the-bed story for all monster-loving kids. The perfect balance of giggles and shivers will keep you under your covers, and you’ll soon be sleeping soundly.

What I love as a SLP: This book has all the same great qualities as “I Need My Monster” with the added opportunities for pronouns (he, she, his, her). It is also fun to compare the monsters found in both books.

Book Trailer:


  •  I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll

One night, when Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note instead: “Gone fishing. Back in a week. –Gabe”. What will Ethan do? He needs a monster under his bed. How is he supposed to get to sleep if his monster is gone? Substitute monsters appear, but none are just right. Herbert’s teeth aren’t sharp enough, Mack’s slobbering induces giggles, Cynthia’s tail isn’t scary at all, and Ralph has nail polish on his claws! This will never work! How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster?

What I love as a SLP: This book is filled with great vocabulary, verbs, adjectives and is fun to use to compare/contrast the monsters. I also used it on Halloween with several patients working on articulation. It was fun to find words with their target sounds. The illustrations are exquisite and the story is the perfect level of “just a little scary but mainly funny”. The end sheets are illustrated with lots of different monsters… fun for a game of “I spy”.

Book read aloud video:

Animated rendition of the book:


Get free printables for each book: http://www.flashlightpress.com/Activity_Guides.html

Check out their catalog for a peek inside each book: http://www.flashlightpress.com/files/fpcat2016_v26.pdf

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