Grump Meter app – new emotional self-regulation app currently FREE



Last chance to get the new emotional self-regulation Grump Meter app while it is FREE. The app developer has an update pending in the App Store. Once it is released this app will become a paid app priced at $1.99. App Store link:

Here is a description of the app provided by the developer:

Have you ever had a feeling you wished you could explain? Did you ever wish someone else could describe their feelings to you? The Grump Meter could be for you! It can help you describe your feelings–through color. Blue, green, yellow orange or red! The Grump Meter reminds you to find your way to calm blue and not to lose your head on red! On blue you have more words to share and stay connected to those you know and love. What color are you on? The Grump Meter came to life in a center where children, teens, and families came to learn how to manage their anger. People’s anger flew, sparked, and spread like forest fires. People don’t necessarily consciously recognize, articulate, or notice their feelings, but they act them out. This happens with kids and adults in our households, on playgrounds, in classrooms. Until now, the Grump Meter has always been made on a piece of cardboard. Now you can make it on your iPhone or iPad! Families like the Grump Meter. Kids happily explain the Grump Meter to their parents. Families use the Grump Meter to create new opportunities to talk about feelings and know each other better. Have a blue day!

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Angela Moorad is the founder of OMazing Kids, LLC and is an ASHA certified & licensed pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and Kids Yoga Teacher with over 25 years experience working in a variety of settings (early intervention, schools, teletherapy & a nonprofit pediatric rehab hospital for children with developmental disabilities). She is an app beta tester for educational & therapeutic app developers and loves sharing info about great apps, products, books & toys to use with kids of all abilities.