Inspiring Kids to Add “A Little Bit of Oomph”

 A little bit of Oomph

A Little Bit of Oomph! is the amazing new book from Barney Saltzberg, author of Beautiful Oops! It teaches the valuable lesson of throwing your heart into whatever you’re doing and trying just a little bit harder— because with a little extra effort and a little bit of oomph, you can make anything beautiful. The book is filled with flaps, pop-ups, spinning circles, pull tabs, etc… that are fun to explore. I love books like this that can lead to rich discussions. Inspire creativity & greatness. Get kids to think beyond the ordinary & beyond themselves. Kids are bombarded with self-absorbed & materialistic messages on TV, in music & on social media. It’s up to responsible adults in their lives to provide opportunities for them to see a bigger picture & a bigger purpose in life. A reason to go that extra mile. A reason to add a little “oomph”!

I didn’t find any activity sheets online for the book yet so I made these using a picture from the author’s Pinterest board:


A Little Bit of Oomph activity sheets


Inspire kids to go that extra mile through involvement in service projects. See An Awesome Way to Make Kids Less Self-Absorbed on Greater Good Science Center, 35 Service Projects for Kids Yes Kidz Can! for a few ideas.


I am always inspired by the service projects I see on the Alluem Kids blog 🙂

Watch this fun book trailer:


The following items featured in the book would provide fun opportunities for kids yoga, dance or creative movement: alligator, star, seed (child’s pose), rain, flower, fish, ocean, whale, dog, book pages (easy pose – open/close legs like turning pages in a book), sing, dance (yoga freeze dance), twist & turn (poses that twist: seated twist, washing machine, helicopter, triangle, etc…), bunny, dragon, bird, elephant, heart (heart opening poses, heart mudra, etc…), oomph (invent poses with “oomph”, discuss ways to go the extra mile and add “oomph” through service projects).




Inspirational Sayings for Preschool: A Child with a Smile will go the Extra Mile


More ideas for Inspiring Kids Creativity with Books, Art & Movement.


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