Book Review: ABC Menagerie (be prepared for a menagerie of fun!)

Check out this fun new book I won from Compendium – Live Inspired!

I have tons of ABC books but ABC Menagerie is definitely a new fave!  There is an animal and rhyme for each letter of the alphabet. The book has unique animal names that give it a multicultural flair (Ayo the Aardvark, Brunhilde the Bear, Chione the Camel, Degas the Dog, Eshe the Elephant, Fritz the Fox, Galina the Goat, Henri the Hare, Ignacius the Iguana, Jesenia the Jaguar, Kyeema the Kangaroo, Luciana the Llama, Murray the Mole, Nigaq the Narwhal, Ophelia the Opossum, Percival the Pig, Quintessa the Quail, Runako the Rhino, Sheldon the Sheep, Thuy the Turtle, Ultima the Umbrellabird, Vikram the Vulture, Wava the Walrus, Xavier the X-imal, Yuri the Yak & Zareb the Zebra), great descriptive vocabulary and is full of humor and play on words. I love the additional details of how to pronounce each name & the information about each animal and their habitat in the back of the book…. laughed out loud at the humourous description of the X-imal 🙂

But best of all are the photos of the quirky felt animal sculptures that stand out against the plain white background. So many details to look at and to describe….. a SLP’s dream come true! The plain white background, vivid colors & large font type will be great for kids with special needs, especially those with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities & Visual Impairments.

Kids yoga teachers are gonna LOVE all the great opportunities for poses with this many animals. Most pair up easily with existing poses while others will require some creativity. I’ve got my thinking-cap on to come up for poses for aardvark, llama, opossum, walrus & yak as well as the birds in the book: quail, umbrellabird & vulture. Any ideas?

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See the cool story behind the creation of the book:

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: ABC Menagerie (be prepared for a menagerie of fun!)

  1. Looks like a fun book! I actually do have a few poses for you 🙂
    Walrus = Locust (which I also use for Shark, with my hands as a fin). For Walrus, my hands are at my cheeks/mouth, with my pointer fingers pointing downward as tusks. And Opossum, I use Legs up the wall (with or without a wall!).

    • Hi Debbie – Thanks for the ideas! I’m planning on using Locust pose with our arms extended out straight for the Narwhal & it’s long tusk so it would be easy to use the same pose with smaller tusks by the mouth for Walrus 🙂 Love the idea of legs up for Opossum since they hang upside down by their tail.

      I think I’m going to use triangle pose for Aardvark (like a termite mound).

      Got inspiration from other details in the book for the rest….. The Llama is launching paper airplanes by spitting so gonna do airplane pose for that page (nope not gonna do any spitting in yoga that would be toooooo gross!).

      The Yak likes to rest under trees in the book…. so tree pose for that page 🙂

      The Quail tilts backwards in to take in the sun…. so waterfall pose w/ a sun stretch & breath (older kids could do sun salutations). Think I’ll do “bird” pose for the Umbrellabird & Eagle pose for the Vulture. 🙂

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