12 Free Kids Yoga E-Books in PDF format I found on Lulu.com

Did you know that there are great free items in PDF format on Lulu.com?

Here is a link to a list of 12 Free Kids Yoga E-Books in PDF format I found on Lulu.com on 11/28/11…..

12 Free Kids Yoga E-Books in PDF format I found on Lulu.com on 11-28-11 (1 page PDF with link to each e-book & brief description)

Here are some tips if you have any problems opening the PDF’s:
1. Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? Are you able to open other PDF’s? Here is a link to where you can download Adobe Reader if needed (http://get.adobe.com/…reader/otherversions/).
2. Some of the PDF’s are large files so they take awhile to download & open.
3. If you have not ever been on Lulu.com you may need to “register” (which is free): https://www.lulu.com/register.php.
Hope this helps 🙂


I love sharing “freebies” that I find! Have you found any great free kids yoga stuff? Post details in a comment below 🙂

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  1. Posted by Nancy Cunniff on March 28, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    I am confused about creating a pdf file for Lulu. What do I do first? I have my edited word document, and then what? I need a simple, no-fail step by step description of the process. Can you help? This is driving me crazy.

    I have limited computer knowledge, but i can follow directions if they are all-inclusive. Lulu’s directions are too complicated for my aging brain.

    • Hi Nancy – Wish I could help but I haven’t ever published anything on Lulu so I can’t provide any suggestions. I just was sharing info about free items I found when I was purchasing something on that site 🙂

  2. Posted by lucy on December 5, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    I can not open the pages on lulu.com……It opens the page but nothing show’s up:-(
    Has any downloaded the pdf and would be willing to e-mail or fax it??

  3. This is just what I needed today – thanks so much!

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