Assistance for tornado victims with special needs in Oklahoma – call the JD McCarty Center


In response to yesterday’s tornado, the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority, the J. D. McCarty Center, Action Seating and Mobility and other healthcare providers in the area, are coming together to assist children and adults with special needs who are affected.

If you have a specialized piece of mobility or medical equipment that has been damaged or destroyed by the tornado, call the J. D. McCarty Center at (405) 307-2800, and ask to speak to someone in DME triage. They will help you get equipment repaired or obtain loaner equipment, while arrangements for permanent replacement equipment can be made.

If you have a child with special needs and need temporary assistance in caring for that child please contact the McCarty Center and ask to speak to someone in social work.

The J.D. McCarty Center is located at 2002 E. Robinson St., Norman, OK 73071