Review & Giveaway: Calm Kids – Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities book & Level 1 online course

Calm Kids book and online course

Want to learn how to teach mindfulness, meditation & relaxation to kids of all ages? Want to help the kids in your life or the kids you work with learn skills to manage stress? The Calm Kids – Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities book & Level 1 online course are wonderful resources & provide a wealth of information!

Book:  (Publication Date: March 1, 2012 | ISBN-10: 0863158625 | ISBN-13: 978-0863158629, paperback, 153 pages). Mindfulness and meditation can help children recognize and cope with tension and stress throughout their lives. In this practical and inspiring book, Lorraine Murray explains a variety of different approaches including: meditations around daily activities for busy families, ideas for group ‘quietness’ sessions in schools, fun & tactile rhymes for toddlers to help them calm down before bedtime, ways to help teenagers reduce anxiety, grounding and balancing for children with ADHD, calming suggestions for children with autism spectrum disorders. This book is ideal for teachers, parents and youth workers; for complete beginners or those with experience in relaxation and meditation techniques. It offers advise needed to lead sessions with children, helping them feel calmer, happier and more peaceful.

Calm Kids TOC

The book is available through their websitethe publisher, Amazon and other online book sellers. I purchased my copy when it was first released on in the USA in March 2012 (, read it cover to cover within a couple of days & have been using the concepts & techniques in my OMazing Kids inclusive kids yoga classes & the therapeutic kids yoga group at the JD McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities for the past 11 months.

Here’s what I love about the book:

  • great info about causes of stress & stress in kids
  • practical benefits & strategies
  • easy to understand information about the concept of being “grounded & centered”
  • lots of sample guided imagery, meditation & relaxation scripts are included for a variety of age levels
  • great tips on learning how to write your own scripts, transitioning to using trigger words (instead of relying on a script) & finally developing your own “inner script”
  • specific tips on working with different age groups [babies/caregiver, toddlers young kids (4-6), older kids (7-12), and teenagers to young adults (12+)]
  • the very simple script examples in the chapters on babies & toddlers have been especially helpful as ideas for the kids I work with at JDMC who have a variety of special needs and often have significant developmental delays, cognitive impairments & short attention spans.
  • the chapter on ADHD has great charts listing symptoms of hyperactivity – impulsiveness – inattention, symptoms of the center of imbalance (being “ungrounded”) and grounding/balancing activities. It also includes several case studies & info about mudras.
  • the chapter on Autism has an in-depth case study and several tips. (FYI…. Lorraine recently announced on her Facebook page that she is working on a second book and that it will be specifically about teaching meditation to children with special needs and/or who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or Autism. See details on her blog:

Online Course: The online course covers everything (and more) which Lorraine teaches in her level 1 Calm Kids course. The course includes 5 modules which help bring the Calm Kids book to life! The online course costs £99 and includes a copy of the book ‘Calm Kids’.

Module 1 – What is Meditation

Module 2 – Writing Meditations

Module 3 – How to Deliver a Meditation

Module 4 – Developing your Mediation Ideas

Module 5 – Sharing the Experience

See in-depth info, including samples & an online currency converter to calculate the course cost outside the UK on their website:

Calm Kids level 1 online course

Calm Kids level 1 - info

script vs. no script

tree meditation

finished calm kids online course

Here’s what I loved about the online course:

  • it brought the concepts in the book to life through lots of video clips & mp3’s. The mp3’s provided great examples of vocal tone & pacing to use in guided relaxation.
  • it especially brought home the concept of going through the creative process of learning how to write guided relaxation scripts, then going to trigger words & taking the leap into going “script-free” by developing my “inner script”. This concept was covered in the book but somehow clicked for me after having it presented via video & mp’s examples in the online training.
  • Lorraine was so encouraging in her online video clips. Each step of the way she was complimenting you for what you had accomplished & encouraged you to keep going. Her passion for the work she is doing shines through!
  • it is divided into small, very manageable segments which was great to be able to do it in small increments. Anyone who works full time and has family commitments will appreciate this. It took me a total of about 5 hours to do the online course but I did it is several small segments. There is homework & practice activities to do in each module. So take your time in doing the course. Many folks do it spread over a 5 week period….. but the beauty of an online course is that you can go at a pace that works for you & your schedule 🙂
  • the site is very easy to navigate, easy to log in and out of, it resumes where you left off when you log back in & you can review previous segments as many times as you would like.
  • I tried it out on two different web browsers on my home computer (Internet Explorer & Google Chrome). It worked on both but looked better on Google Chrome so I used that for completing the course.

Website: & Twitter:

Disclaimer: I received free access to the online course to facilitate my review.  I had already purchased the book when it was first released. Opinions expressed are my own. Starting in 2013, a new component of reviews & giveaways hosted on OMazing Kids is that a review will be added on (for products sold on that site). See my Amazon profile at:

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