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It has been so fun to connect and exchange ideas for using kids picture books in yoga with Jenny Williams from Happy Planet Yoga! So it is my pleasure to have her for a Guest Post on OMazing Kids today.

Here is Jenny’s lesson plan for kids yoga inspired by the book “Rain!” by Linda Ashman illustrated by Christian Robinson:


This review summarizes the book “Rain!” well: “Good and bad moods alike can be contagious, as this rainy-day story handily demonstrates. Writing solely in dialogue and exclamations, Ashman contrasts the ways two people view a city rainstorm. “Rain!” grumps a cantankerous man, staring at the storm from underneath bushy furrowed eyebrows. “Rain!” shouts a boy from the window of a building whose sunny color matches his outlook . . . Along the way, the boy charms everyone he meets—the exact opposite of what the older man is doing (frowns abound when he’s near). When the two eventually meet, it’s not certain which attitude will win out, but luckily for the diverse townsfolk, the boy’s kindness and openness rule the day.” — Publishers Weekly



Discuss all the things that make spring a special season. What is the weather like? How does the temperature feel? Do you still have to wear a heavy coat, hat and mittens? What are things you see in nature in the spring? What are sounds that you hear? What do you smell? Talk about why rain is so important in the season of spring and then use one of these fun songs as a warm up.

Warm up:

Read the book RAIN!  by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Christian Robinson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (For more about this book visit: http://www.hmhco.com/shop/books/Rain/9780547733951#sthash.JF3jHV8M.dpbs)

  • Poses inspired by the book: Bird, frog, puddle jumping around the mats, down dog and up dog, tree, flower, baking pie or cookies sequence (see OMazing Kids lesson for Apple Farmer Annie), table, chair, bike pedaling.
  • Partner Poses: Rooftop partners, Rain taps on backs partners
  • What did you notice in this book? How could you tell it was spring (refer back to opening discussion.)

Games to play inspired by the book RAIN!

  • Waiter/waitress Game (with partner)
    • Objective: Work on balancing objects (on hand, on back in table pose) also work on focus
    • Materials: Large plastic or paper plate (this will be the serving tray), Play food (plastic is best as wooden may be too heavy) paper cups, plastic cutlery
    • How to play: One person is the waiter/ress. One person is the table. Waiter places one or two pieces of food, plastic cutlery and a paper cup on their plate and balance plate on open palm (for younger children holding the sides of the plate and keeping the cup upright and walking may be enough). Walk across the room to their partner who is the table and balance the plate on their back. Then partners switch roles.
    • Try this! Place obstacles in the room (yoga cushions, stuffed animals, other children) so that the waiter/ress cannot walk in a straight line
  • Contagious Energy (Children 4 and up) Played in a group or with partners
    • Objective:  Children use their own energy, emotions, or gestures to communicate to a group or their partner. Group or partner must guess the emotion or gesture. These are all positive emotions/gestures meant to help “guessers” feel good or happy (they are the Grumpy man in the book RAIN!)
    • Materials: Emotion flashcards (PDF), Energy ball
    • How to play: Teacher gives a card to the first child (only this child sees the card), this child acts out the emotion on the card to the others to communicate the emotion. Example: the card may be a SMILE, the child would then smile at the rest of the group (or their partner) and the group or partner would guess the emotion/gesture. Continue until all children have had a turn.
  •  Closing activity with Energy Ball: Group sits in a circle and talks about the Contagious Energy game and how they felt acting and receiving the emotions/gestures.  Which one was your favorite? Which one was hard to guess? Are there any other emotions/gestures you might try? Have you ever felt some one’s bad mood or negative energy? Now you have some ways you might help a person who is in a bad mood. Can you see how your energy can make a difference? Still not sure about your energy? Teacher takes out energy ball. All of the children hold hands except the teacher. Teacher explains we are all made up of energy and that this energy ball conducts energy and that the group will now prove how they make energy by complete the circuit (or circle). The teacher places her finger on the shiny metal strip (thumb on bottom) and asks student next to her to do the same (be sure teacher and student thumbs do not touch). Then they each hold the hand of the child next to them – BUZZZZ – the ball will buzz and light up!

Bio: Jenny Armor Williams is co-founder of Happy Planet Yoga and is a yoga instructor for children and adults. She discovered yoga when her daughters were babies yoga was the calm to the busyness of motherhood. Through a dedicated yoga practice, Jenny discovered her love for teaching and completed the Radiant Child Yoga Program Teacher Training, ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga 4 Classrooms Instructor Training, and is currently enrolled in Spirit Tree Yoga Teacher Training (a 200-hr Registered Yoga School (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance). Jenny says “I love working with children, their energy and their curiosity keeps me on my toes and feeling young at heart!”

Email: jenny@happyplanetyoga.com

Happy Planet Yoga – Jenny Williams and Lynda West are co-founders of Happy Planet Yoga. At Happy Planet Yoga we strive to empower children to find their own light, peace, and creativity through yoga. Working with movement, breath, and meditation we seek to guide children and those that work with children on a path of discovery and joy.
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Jenny also works for also work for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishing where she has access to many of their books and tests them out in her yoga classes with toddlers and young children.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Happy Planet Yoga & OMazing Kids have partnered together to bring you the following A Way to Give Giveaway:

Rain-themed Kids Yoga Collection

Rain-Themed Kids Yoga Collection that you can enter to win:

  • 1 copy of RAIN! by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Christian Robinson donated by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers
  • a PDF of the kids yoga lesson plan for this book, an Energy Ball & PDF of emotions flashcards from Happy Planet Yoga
  • three rain-themed mp3 song faves from OMazing Kids
    • The Rain is Coming by Penelope Torribio
    • April Showers Bring May Flowers by Amanda Ellis, MT-BC
    • Underneath the Rainbow by Kira Willey

HMH Kids Spring Book Collection

Plus the HMH Kids Spring Book collection (1 copy of each book donated by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers):

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A Way to Give - Giveaway

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