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12 Calming Apps

. Holidays can be stressful times for kids with Autism & other special needs. Here are a dozen calming apps that can help:  Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids by Wellbeyond Inc., free Very nicely done! Great hand painted illustrations, short guided relaxations with pleasant voiceovers & gentle music. It is worth it’s weight in gold! […]

The Best Lesson Plan ~ Follow Your Passion

I have had several inquiries this week regarding recommendations for the best kids yoga teacher trainings, where to find lesson plans & how I create my lesson plans. There’s not a simple answer. I do what works for me & for the kids I see. I work in a very unique setting with very unique […]

Kids Yoga Class Tips: helping kids create class rules for a positive experience

One of the most frequent requests I get via e-mail and Facebook messaging is for tips on handling behavior & setting rules/boundaries in a kids yoga class. I’m by no means the biggest expert among us in kids yoga but I have had quite a bit of experience in dealing with a wide variety of behaviors […]

Inclusive OMazing Kids Yoga Classes at JDMC – Winter 2012-13

  We are excited to be offering Inclusive Kids Yoga Classes at the JD McCarty Center this Winter! We will continue to practice fun basic yoga poses, breathing exercises & relaxation techniques and will use creative expression, games, books, music, positive affirmations and storytelling to promote: • Strength, flexibility, balance • Concentration, focus and attention […]

Inclusive OMazing Kids Yoga Classes at JDMC – Fall 2012

  We are excited to be offering Inclusive Kids Yoga Classes at the JD McCarty Center this fall! Our summer classes were a blast! We had 12-18 kids in each class and I continue to get inquiries each week about our classes (yeah for the power of social media & word-of-mouth “advertising”!).  This fall we will continue to practice […]

Books, DVD’s & CD’s Specifically Designed for Kids Wellness, Mindfulness and Relaxation

Here is a list of all the great kids wellness (including yoga), mindfulness & relaxation products I have personally seen. I’m sure this list will continually be a “work-in-progress” as I add things to my library. Some items I purchased, some were sent to me to review & some I saw when they were donated as […]

Inclusive OMazing Kids Yoga Classes at JDMC – Summer 2012

I am SO excited to announce that it looks like I have finally found enough families to be able to offer some inclusive kids yoga classes here at JDMC! Thanks to Katie Kriegel, a parent who connected with me via Facebook and has helped to spread the word 🙂 Here’s all the info & a […]

Tips for Working with Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Working with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders is my passion & area of expertise as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I have had several folks contact me recently via Facebook and e-mail asking for a few tips. The most important thing when working with kids, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders or any other special needs, is to […]

Universal Design for Inclusive Kids Yoga: Inclusion is Belonging

I have had this on my heart to share for a while and decided that today would be a good day as we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Inclusion & Universal Design Inclusive programs create accepting environments and send a powerful message that all children are welcomed and valued. When inclusive practices […]

Becoming an Effective Inclusive Yoga Teacher for Kids & Teens

 Want to teach inclusive yoga to kids and teens? Abby Wills from Shanti Generation has a really great post “How to Become an Effective Kids or Teens Yoga Teacher” on Elephant Journal: In addition to the suggestions in Abby’s post, I would also highly recommend getting info about the kids and any special needs and/or health […]