Tech Tutorial: How to Add Symbols and GIF Videos to WordToob, GoTalk Now and TouchChat (includes access to my Google Drive folders with cropped symbols, GIF videos & the GoTalk Now communication book file)

Quite a few folks asked how I did this after I posted about it on social media on 7/1/21. YouTube: Facebook: OMazing Kids page, also in the AAC for the SLP and AppPeeps groups Instagram: So I decided to … Continue reading

Saving Videos vs. Linking to YouTube Videos for use in GoTalk Now… plus how to save YouTube videos

Why I prefer to save videos to the iPad vs. linking to YouTube when using the GoTalk Now app: I had too many patients’ highly preferred videos disappear from YouTube. That typically triggered a meltdown or they lost interest as … Continue reading

Visual Supports with Voice Output for the “Win”! – Incredible 5 Point Scale and the GoTalk Now app

Visual supports with voice output for the “win”! I attended a presentation by Kari Dunn Buron, coauthor of The Incredible 5 Point Scale, at the Oklahoma Autism Conference offered by the Oklahoma Autism Network in 2017 and was inspired to … Continue reading

{Teaching Prepositions & Spatial Concepts} Free Printable Preposition and Spatial Concept Activity Cards for the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Activity Home and GoTalk Now Plus AAC Template

. {Teaching Prepositions & Spatial Concepts} Most of the kids on my caseload have Autism or other special needs that tend to make understanding spatial concepts and using prepositions very challenging. I use a combination of visual supports, real objects, … Continue reading

{Book + AAC} Wild About Us! and the GoTalk Now Plus AAC app

. Excited to have a fun activity prepared for OMazing Kids speech therapy this week! Wild About Us! by Karen Beaumont has a wonderful message of diversity and loving who you are plus it’s full of lots of great descriptive language … Continue reading

{Huge Giveaways} GoTalk Now AAC app giveaway & ELSB – Early Literacy Skills Builder app giveaway

. First Giveaway: {GoTalk Now AAC App Giveaway ~ worth $99.98} 10 winners will each get a code for two IAPs within the most current GoTalk Now Lite iOS iPad app to “Upgrade to NOW Features”(worth $79.99) and the “Ready-Set-Communicate” … Continue reading

Niki Talk Apps: What’s new, several AAC apps & special needs apps

It’s been exciting to see several new apps release recently from Alessandro La Rocca. He is an independent special needs & AAC app developer who has a good history of creating and supporting/maintaining apps in the App Store since 2012. … Continue reading