Books, DVD’s & CD’s Specifically Designed for Kids Wellness, Mindfulness and Relaxation

Here is a list of all the great kids wellness (including yoga), mindfulness & relaxation products I have personally seen. I’m sure this list will continually be a “work-in-progress” as I add things to my library. Some items I purchased, some were sent to me to review & some I saw when they were donated as doorprizes to give away at presentations I did.

  • Each product is unique & there are things I love about each one. While I won’t pick a “fave”, I can provide suggestions about a product or products that may be best suited for your child’s or your classroom’s specific/unique needs. Feel free to send me a Facebook message with any questions: Facebook Messaging for OMazing Kids: (note: Facebook frequently changes the link to messaging so if this one doesn’t work head over to my page and click on the “Send Message” button).
  • I am listing them in categories & in alphabetical order within that category.
  • I have included a link to the blog post if I reviewed that product so you can see more details there.
  • I am only listing products that I have seen in person so please don’t be offended if I left your favorite one off the list.
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A Yoga Parade of Animals: A first fun picture book of yoga by Pauline Mainland.

Active Imagination Activity Book: 50 Sensorimotor Activities for Children to Improve Focus, Attention, Strength, and Coordination by Kelly Tilley, OTR. Spiralbound book with laminated pages & a built in fold-out easel. Many of these activities are inspired by yoga & Brain Gym. Tabs along the bottom border of each page help you select activities in areas of calming, energizing, upper extremity strengthening, and core strengthening. Most activities require no equipment. A small or medium-size exercise ball is needed for some activities. Most other items are easily found in most homes or therapy clinics.

Anna and Her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories. [Review:]

Audrey’s Journey: Loving Kindness by Kerry Alison Wekelo.  [Review:]

Audrey’s Journey: Round and Round Yoga by Kerry Wekelo. A picture book depicting kids enjoying yoga to the beat of “Wheel on the Bus”. [Review:]

Born Yogis by Susie Arnett. Black and white picture book of children in natural movement that mimics yoga poses.

Brain Breaks for the Classroom: Quick and Easy Breathing and Movement Activities That Help Students Reenergize, Refocus, and Boost Brain Power-Anytime of the Day! by Michelle Gay. 40 fun exercises help students take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and ready to learn. Each exercise is designed to get more oxygen and energy to students’ brains, improve their focus, and calm their nervous systems. The result: increased motivation, cooperation, and learning in the classroom. Includes a full-color poster with five easy moves all kids can do when they need a “”brain break””! Many of the activities are inspired by yoga.

Children on the Spectrum: A Journey by Alma Largey. A short biographical account of her experiences in teaching yoga to children with ASD.

Children’s Book of Mudras by Marsha Therese Danzig. Mudras divided into 6 categories: energy, nature, confidence, healing, calm & spirit. Nice illustrations & an affirmation with each mudra.

Create a Yoga Practice for Kids: Fun Flexibility and Focus by Yael Calhoun & Matthew R. Calhoun. Good practical tips on how to explain yoga in kid-friendly terms, sequencing of poses, themes, benefits of each pose, examples of classroom ideas, illustrations are black & white line drawings.

Creative Yoga for Children: Inspiring the Whole Child through Yoga, Songs, Literature, and Games by Adrienne Rawlinson has 40 lesson plans divided into age ranges (4-6, 7-9 & 10-12 year olds.). Love that each plan starts with setting an “intention” and also include: educational elements, props, estimated time for each portion of the class, warm-up, connect, activity based on the intention, breath, arts & crafts, book, partner pose, guided relaxation & gratitude. See more details in this post:

Dogi the Yogi by Maria Notarile Scrivan. A picture book depicting a dog doing a variety of yoga poses.

Every Body Does Yoga by Lynn Eddy. A picture book depicting how a child does yoga in everyday activities. [Review:]

Every Kid’s Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs by Craig Hanauer. This is the training manual from his teacher training workshop and is available for purchase on his website. It includes a DVD and had wonderful info about the therapeutic benefits of yoga for specific special needs, structuring a class for kids with special needs including info about addressing sensory needs, visual supports, etc., lots of lesson plan ideas (with examples on the DVD). I hope to be able to attend one of his teacher trainings someday…. in the meantime this manual provided a treasure trove of info at a good price.

Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga for Children by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, E-RYT 500. Good kid-friendly warm up activities, use of yoga storytelling with black and white photo of each pose with instructions, list of benefits for each pose, partner pose activities, affirmations, meditations with mudras, “long time sun” closing song/activity.

Frog’s Breathtaking Speech: How Children (and Frogs) Can Use the Breath to Deal with Anxiety, Anger and Tension. A picture book about a frog who uses a variety of breathing & relaxation techniques to deal with anxiety and other feelings.

Full of Joy Yoga Kids by Lani Rosen. The book has photos taken from actual Full of Joy Yoga classes and cute haikus that describe the poses. I love the diversity of kids included in this book!

Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids by Carolyn Clarke. Includes 18 relaxation scripts specifically written for kids. The scripts are short and based on kid-friendly themes (getting ready for relaxation, beach, stars, hot air balloon, bubbles, trees, flying, clouds, space, enchanted forest, hiking, sending love, under the sea, tree house, flower potion, seeds, colors, loving kindness). [Review:]

Integrated Yoga: Yoga With A Sensory Integration Approach by Nicole Cuomo, OT. Modifications to poses by age-ranges, sensory aspects of poses, benefits of each pose, black and white photos.

It’s Time For Yoga by Tara Rachel Jones. Beautiful combination of art illustrations & rhyming verses. Includes additional yoga information & detailed instructions for poses in the appendixes. [Review:]

Itsy Bitsy Yoga: Poses to Help Your Baby Sleep Longer, Digest Better and Grow Stronger by Helen Garabedian.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers: 8-Minute Routines to Help Your Child Grow Smarter, Be Happier and Behave Better by Helen Garabedian.

Jeeva Finds Courage (Read and Learn Yoga book) [Review:]

Jungle Walk: A Yoga Story for Kids by Lakshmi Gosyne. Picture book about a jungle adventure. Pictures of the yoga poses are provided on each page which makes it easy to incorporate it into a yoga storytime class. [Review:]

Learn with Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids Instructor Guide by Christine Ristuccia, MS, CCC-SLP, RYT. Designed to be used with their yoga cards but contains good info about benefits, tips for educators, yoga instructors & parents, forming yoga groups, incorporating motor, basic concept, language and reading/literacy goals, and ideas for quick yoga breaks. They also have a virtues book, coloring book & classroom border. [Review:]

Live… Happily Ever Active: Heartfelt, Healthy & Interactive Life Lessons for Families of All Ages by Jillian Moriarty. Great photos of kids doing yoga combined with rhyming text containing life skill lessons.

My First Yoga: Animal Poses by Abbie Davies. This book uses child friendly vocabulary and vibrant illustrations to lead kids through a series of easy to follow yoga poses. Nice distraction-free white background on the pages & simple instructions for doing each pose.

My First Yoga: Jungle Story by Abbie Davies. This book uses child friendly vocabulary and vibrant illustrations to lead kids through a series of easy to follow yoga poses as they go on a jungle adventure. Includes simple instructions for doing each pose. [Review:]

Once Upon a Pose: A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children by Donna Freeman. Great info on using storytelling to facilitate children’s yoga. Includes 10 premade storytelling scripts with black and white photos of poses. Nice selection of short guided imagery scripts for kids. Also describes benefits of yoga, how yoga fits with goals in classrooms at various grade levels, brief info on yoga for specific special needs.

Power Brain Kids: 12 Lessons to Ignite Your Child’s Potential by Ilchi Lee. Great infusion of yoga and some Brain Gym concepts into lessons for kids about Physical Strength, Basic Brain Awareness, Body-Brain Awareness, Brain Balance and Flexibility, Brain Breathing and Relaxation, Developing Memory and Focus, Brain-Body Coordination, Emotional Self-Control, Cultivating Confidence, Unleashing Imagination & Creativity, Goal Setting for Growth, and Power Brain Earth Kids. This book could be incorporated easily into any educational or wellness setting because the book avoids the use of Sanskrit terms & any religious symbols. It refers to the poses as “yoga-like movements” and includes lots of additional wellness concepts beyond yoga.

Ready… Set… R.E.L.A.X.: A Research Based Program for Relaxation, Learning & Self Esteem for Children by Jeffrey S. Allen & Roger J. Klein.

S.M.Art Stories by Barbara Gini at Bodylogique. Themed, yoga-based adaptive curriculum guides for teachers to use with children ages 5-10 with or without adaptive needs. Each curriculum aligns with core educational standards and national standards for PE. I have seen the original versions of Dragonfly Adventures and Ocean Surf-ari. Updated & expanded versions and additional titles are now available.

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories. Also a companion coloring book. [Review:]

Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga by Renee Sherness. [Review:]

Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children through Story by Sydney Solis. Great book for ideas on how to creatively combine yoga with storytelling. Lots of creative ideas for poses.

Stretch by Doreen Cronin. A picture book that depicts a dog doing yoga. Fun rhyming text and descriptive words. [Guest Blog Post:]

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power. Alphabetical picture book with rhyme for each pose. Available in English & Spanish. There is also a coloring book & poster available.

The Breathing Bridge by Annie Buckley. A beautiful illustrated picture book that helps teach kids about the connectivity of breath, movement, people and the planet. Includes breathing activities & yoga poses on each page.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids by Jodi Komitor and Eve Adamson. Don’t be put off by the title…. this book has lots of great info about teaching kids yoga. It is no longer in print but you may be able to get a good deal on a used copy (I got a used copy for $6.00 on Amazon).

The Girls’ Yoga Book: Stretch Your Body, Open Your Mind, and Have Fun! by Michaela Caldwell.  A great well-rounded instructional book geared towards teaching pre-teen and young teen girls yoga. Fun illustrations.

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids: Help for Children to Cope with Stress, Anxiety, and Transitions by Lawrence E. Shapiro & Robin K Sprague.

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind, Survive Everyday Parenting Struggles, and Help Your Family Thrive by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

The Yoga Zoo Adventure: Animal Poses and Games for Little Kids by Helen Purperhart. Good supplementary resource for activity ideas.

Therapeutic Yoga: Bridging Ancient Practices with Traditional Therapy Techniques by Julie Whitbeck, OTR/L, CYT. She provides this training through Cross Country Education and is where I learned alot about the therapuetic applications of yoga & the benefits, contraindications and modifications for specific groups of poses. I highly recommend this course! See her training schedule: or search the Cross Country Education website.

When My Worries Get Too Big! A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety by Karl Dunn Buron. Great short & easy to understand book wtitten from a child’s perspective with simple relaxation techniques & illustrations. Incorporates ideas from The Incredible 5-Point Scale.

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook. Great book about anxiety written from a kid’s perspective & includes some practical strategies. For even more strategies see Wilma Jean the Worry Machine Activity and Idea Book.

Yawning Yoga: A Goodnight Book For a Good Night’s Sleep by Laurie Jordan. The book has a great mix of poses, breathing, affirmations & guided relaxations. While the book is designed in a well thought out sequence for use in a bedtime routine, each 2-page spread has a poem & large illustration that could also easily be used as individual activities to help kids learn self-calming techniques to use throughout their day [Review:]

Yoga Calm for Children: Educating Heart, Mind and Body by Lynea Gillen (school teacher/counselor) & Jim Gillen, RYT. Unique inclusion of Social-Emotional activities. Good info about creating a good yoga setting & routine, group management, unique yoga activities and variations, several partner & group poses, ideas for classrooms ex: Yoga Calm Quick 5, appendix of curriculum recommendations.

Yoga for Children by Mary Stewart & Kathy Phillips. Good large color photos and clear step-by-step instructions for each pose.

Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children by Lisa Flynn. [Review:]

Yoga for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents and Caregivers by Dion & Stacey Betts. (parents of a child with Asperger syndrome). Includes basic explanations of poses, black/white photos & modifications that might be needed. Helpful visualization tips to help kids understand the pose.

Yoga for the Special Child: A Therapeutic Approach for Infants and Children by Sonia Sumnar. Provides information about doing adapted yoga with children with significant special needs.

Yoga for Speech-Language Development by Susan Longtin and Jessica Fitzpatrick [Review:]

Yoga Games for Children: Fun and Fitness with Postures, Movement & Breath by Danielle Bersma & Marjoke Visscher. Good supplementary resource for activities/games for breathing, relaxation, meditation, partner or group activities to build cooperation/trust, seasonal themes & making mandalas.

Yoga Makes Me Feel…. by Yael Calhoun. The book was developed as a way for young children to be able to discuss feelings as they do yoga.

Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child: Meeting Needs in a Natural Setting by Nancy Williams, SLP. Great info relating yoga to other therapeutic areas (body awareness, motor planning, communication, following directions, behavioral regulation, social skills, sensory integration), ideas for creating a good yoga environment, description of poses with benefits and modifications for specific special needs. Black and white line illustrations.

YogaKids: Educating the Whole Child Through Yoga by Marsha Wenig. Based on concept of eight intelligences, good tips for working with children, tips for tying poses in to curriculum areas, good clear color photos and instructions for each pose, tips for specific special needs, affirmations, lists of songs & books to go with poses.

You Are A Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses by Taeeun Yoo. A picture book depicting kids doing yoga as they pretend to be animals. Simple pose instructions are woven into the text. Cute illustrations.

General Yoga Books:

30 Essential Yoga Poses for Beginning Students and Their Teachers by Judith Lasater, PT. Simple information about each pose, including benefits & contraindications.

KISS Guide To Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa. Great simple explanations of all the components of yoga with photos and step-by-step instructions. Includes info on contraindications for particular poses.

 Kids Yoga Coloring Books & Workbooks:

ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Book for Coloring

Asana Alphabet: Yogi & Yogette Learn the Asana Alphabet

Be Good to Your Body – Learning Yoga by Roz Fulcher is a coloring book with info & instructions for each pose on that page. (details on this post:

Color Me Yoga Coloring Book – includes well-rounded and in-depth yet easy to understand info about yoga.

Elahi Yoga Student Workbook

Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Package by Young Yoga Masters (includes coloring pages & games)

Learn with Yoga: ABC Coloring Book by Addriya

Luke’s A to Z of Australian Animals: an Alphabet Coloring Book by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories [Review:]

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Coloring Book by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories. Also a companion book.

 Kids Affirmation Books & Cards:

1000 Things Went Right Today! products from Your True Nature. Poster, mini-book & cards are a fun way to help kids think of all the things that are “going well” in their life. Great for teaching kids to notice things they normally take for granted as a way to build “gratitude” and a “positive outlook”.

Daily Whisper Inspirational Messages for Kids: 30 cards focusing on self, family, friends & school by BSL Creations * Cuddle Wumkins & Daily Whisper Products. Designed for kids ages 6-12. They also sell custom made plush creations with a pocket on the back to hold the card deck. I bought a star 🙂 See a pic: [Review:]

Incredible You! 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Nurture Cards. 40 positive affirmation cards designed with warm colorful drawings that children can relate to and will help them to create their own inner self belief, self love and learn positive self talk. Includes a card with suggestions for using the cards. [Review:]

Tiniest Acorn: A Story to Grow By – by Marsha T. Danzig / Color Me Yoga

Manifest Your Magnificence Affirmation Cards for Kids by Susan Howson – set of 64 illustrated two-sided affirmation cards for children. One side has a simple “I am ___” statement with illustration, the other side has a brief meaning with illustration. Square coated cards & storage box.

Relax Kids Mood Cards by Marneta Viegas – set of 52 illustrated one-sided cards. Square coated cards & storage box. Each has a “Today I will be ___” statement with illustration. (no longer in print – may be able to find from a reseller online.).

  Yoga-Based Relaxation Programs:

S.T.O.P. and Relax by Louise Goldberg, yoga instructor, Debra Collins, psychologist, Sally Miller and Daniela Morales, two special education teachers. A systematic program for teaching relaxation and self-calming skills to children and young adults with disabilities such as Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, or Anxiety. Using evidence-based practices that address the “fight-flight” response, S.T.O.P. and Relax integrates yoga, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and special education techniques to promote coping skills. [Review:]

  Teaching Positive Life Skills (Yamas & Niyamas / Character Education):

Harmony Cards for Kids.  30 two-sided brilliantly illustrated cards with a guidebook offering simple, effective and meaningful ways of encouraging and supporting virtues and values awareness [Review:]

I Came From Joy! Spiritual Affirmations and Activities for Children by Lorna Ann Knox. Lots of great idea that are easily modifed for use in kids yoga.

Kathryn the Grape books & CD. Through the award winning books & music of Kathryn the Grape, children learn important self-esteem building life lessons that affect change on their core level and inspire them to ripple loving kindness and compassion into the world. [Review:]

Meanings-In-Motion Character Building Life Skill Cards by Jennifer Sengelmann. 22 cards in a deck with more than 80 questions and over 40 activities. [Review:]

Wise Heart Books – Smart Value Series. A collection of five stories that help children understand the positive and transformative nature of good values. Each story describes how certain values – such as generosity, cleanliness, and honesty – can change us for the better. [Review:]

Mindfulness & Emotional Development:

Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children by Linda Lantieri & Daniel Goleman. Book & CD with practical exercises for parents and their children to calm the body and focus the mind.

Calm Kids: Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities by Lorraine E. Murray [Review:; also online course:]

Mindful Moments by Yoga Calm. Set of 50 cards in 5 categories: Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength & Community that correspond to the social-emotional learning principles in the Yoga Calm book. Nice for older kids.

Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness: A Guide for Anyone Who Teaches Anything by Deborah Schoeberlein & Suki Sheth. Practical exercises for applying and promoting mindfulness throughout the day.

The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate by Susan Kaiser Greenland. Practical exercises that can be used by educators and parents alike to provide enjoyable experiences for children and teens that cultivate resourcefulness, focus, and resilience.

The MindUP Curriculum: Grades PreK-2: Brain-Focused Strategies for Learning-and Living by The Hawn Foundation. Each lesson offers easy strategies for helping students focus their attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life.

Monkey Mind Pirates CD & Workbook [Review:]

Simply an Inspired Life: Consciously Choosing Unbound Happiness in Good Times & Bad by Mary Anne Radmacher & Jonathan Lockwood Huie. While not written specifically for teaching kids the book has several nice simple affirmation and relaxation activities & scripts.

Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure: 50 Activities to Promote Resilience in Young Children by Nefertiti Bruce & Karen B. Cairone.

The Joyful Child: A Sourcebook of Activities and Ideas for Releasing Children’s Natural Joy by Peggy Jenkins

What Does It Mean to be Present? By Rana DiOrio (also a mp3 to go with the book at: & free lesson plan ideas: )

You are Not Your Thoughts by Brian Despard. Photos combined with large simple text to help kids understand feelings & thoughts as an intro to mindfulness. A 2nd edition geared towards teens & adults is also available. [Review:]

  Yoga Cards:

ABCs of Yoga for Kids Learning Cards – set of 56 two-sided cards. Each card has a cute illustration of the pose and a poem about how to do the pose.

Color Me Yoga Flash Cards – A 66 card deck featuring a picture of an elephant doing each pose on the front (non-laminated so they can be colored). On the back are the steps to the poses.

Grounded Elevator Series Pose Cards – A set of 84 cards categorized into seven different groupings that correspond to the Chakra system. On the front of each card is a picture of what the pose will look like with quirky kid-drawn illustrations and on the back are detailed instructions on what to do and how it will make you feel better by being grounded. Large card size in a sturdy cardboard box.

Grounded Elevator Series Pose Chips – set of 84 circular cardboard pose chips includes detailed renderings of each pose in the Elevator Series Pose Cards. The chips include the 5 elements and wild cards (good for playing games). These chips can also be used for sequencing and lesson planning in classrooms, gyms, studios and home practices. The small size would also work well for use on visual schedules for kids with special needs. Note: You will need to also need to own the pose card set in order to know how to do the poses & their benefits.

Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids cards by Christine Ristuccia, SLP & RYT – set of 26 ABC yoga cards with verbal cues & benefits (1 pose for each letter) & 26 Instructor Cards with ideas for language development & reading readiness activities for each pose. Large coated cards & durable storage box. [Review:]

Little Lotus Kids Yoga Cards by Yoga in the Valley – 39 illustrated poses and 16 games. Very unique cards with fun quirky illustrations. [Review:]

Move With Me Adventure Skill Cards. 13 Flash Card Set that includes all the “Adventure Skills” (health lessons and self-regulation techniques) from the Scooter & Me video series. [Review:]

YoDaGaMo: Activities for Focused and Playful Motion! – 10 card set of 4×6  cards. The front of each card has a colorful illustration & the back contains ideas for yoga (including the Sanskrit name, a rhyme & creative names for the pose), dance (including music suggestions), games (including prop suggestions) & more (ways to connect the poses with each other). There are also ”Helpful Hints” cards with additional ideas and tips for yoga, dance & games. [Review:]

Yoga 4 Classrooms™ Activity Card Deck – 67 activities divided into six categories: Let’s Breathe, At Your Desk, Stand Strong, Loosen Up, Imagination Vacation and Be Well. Each activity includes several discussion points, sub-activities and educational tie-ins for a total of over 200 Y4C classroom practices. [Review:]

Yoga for Small Spaces cards by Christine Ristuccia, RYT & Lynn Geddes, RYT – set of 52 cards with positioning cues, benefits, modifications & affirmations. Large coated cards & durable storage box. [Review:]

Yoga for Teens by Mary Kaye Chryssicas – 40 yoga pose cards with step-by-step instructions. Great photos depicting teen girls doing yoga.

YogaKids Tools for Schools: The Yoga Toolbox Card Deck – 50 Pose Cards (5½” x 8½”) with Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration. Tabs Divide Color-Coded Cards into 7 Different Categories: Calm & Quiet (blue), Energize & Empower (purple), Posture & Flexibility (pink), General Poses (yellow), Strength & Confidence (green), Focus & Concentration (orange), Cooperation & Connection (red). [Review:]

Yoga Kit for Kids by Imaginazium – Includes 25 yoga cards, instruction book & a music CD.

Yoga Planet Card Deck: 50 Fun Activities for A Greener World by Leah Kalish & Tara Guber. 50 cards feature an activity or pose on one side, with activity instructions or simple visualizations on the other. Activities include Breathing, Individual Poses, Partner Poses, Games, and Inspired Action. Large coated cards & durable storage box.

Yoga Pretzels Card Deck: 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids & Grownups by Leah Kalish & Tara Guber. 50 cards feature an activity or pose on one side, with activity instructions or simple visualizations on the other. Activities include forward bends, back bends, balance poses, breath exercises, partner poses, yoga games and visualizations. Large coated cards & durable storage box.

Yoga Warriors cards by Radiant Child Yoga. Each of the four characters demonstrates five yoga poses for a total of twenty poses. Four wild cards represent the elements at play in Spring (Courage), Summer (Radiance), Autumn (Appreciation), and Winter (Stillness). Cards include yoga instruction and benefits. Instructions are included for playing Concentration, Go Fish, War/Peace, Runs & Sets, and Last Yogi Standing. Total cards: 48 (24 doubled).

Yogarilla Cards Deck by Super Duper Publications. Deck: 55 yoga poses sorted by starting positions and color-coded for easy identification. Large cards with an illustrated gorilla modelling the poses.


Be the Story Yoga. 39 minutes. Two fun yoga storytelling adventures filmed in beautiful outdoor locations. I LOVE how she weaves messages of strength, courage & compassion into the stories! Specific targeted age range not indicated but based on reviewing it I would suggest it for kids ages 5+ [Review:]

Body Songs & Stories™ by Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka [Review:]

Cosmic Kids Yoga. 45 minutes. Ages 3-8. Three fun interactive kids yoga adventures. Wonderful storytelling combines with yoga movement to help kids have fun, keep fit and feel great. [Review:]

Kids Teach Yoga: Flying Eagle by Yoga Calm. 31 minutes. Nice slow calming pace, teen girl leading yoga with a group of other children, nice demonstration of use of props, encouraging social skills, storytelling, imagery & guided relaxation. Bonus feature: Focus and social skills activities with ADHD expert Dr. Jeff Sosne.

Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat & DVD.  40 minutes. Ages: 3 years +. While the DVD is marketed for ages 3+, based on my experience I would suggest that it would be most appealing to young kids (ages 3-7). [Review:]

Move with Me Action Adventures – Scooter and Me series of nine story and movement DVD’s for ages 3 – 7. Each DVD is 25-30 minutes and includes a warm-up, storytelling with movement, teaching kids “adventure skills” they can use to self-calm & self-regulate, and relaxation. [Review:]

Move with Me Action Adventures – Pizza Party. 20 minutes. Ages 3-7. Fun pizza party themed yoga story. [Review:]

Namaste Kid: Yoga Motion. 35 minutes. The unique thing about this kids yoga DVD is that it has no distractions in the background. Just a kid-friendly yoga instructor on her yoga mat on a plain white background. The DVD is organized into 10 chapters. Each chapter is a complete 3-4 minute yoga routine, identified by a colorful icon. While the DVD was designed for young kids (2.5 to 8 years old), it also would be appropriate for older kids that need a simplified format with no distractions (including kids with special needs like Autism, ADHD, etc..). [Review:]

Omolulu: Yoga for Empowered Living. 90 minutes. Four 15-minute yoga sequences + a library of breathing exercises & a library of yoga poses. Specific targeted age range not indicated but based on reviewing it I would suggest it for kids ~ages 4-10. [Review: Get a free copy of their relaxation mantra mp3 by signing up for the newsletter on their website. Also see it on Youtube:]

Once Upon a Mat…. 9 Easy to Learn Yoga Adventures by Namaste Kid. 33 minutes. Same distraction-free white background as their first DVD with a new yoga teacher and a yoga storytelling format. While the DVD was designed for young kids (2.5 to 8 years old), it also would be appropriate for older kids that need a simplified format with no distractions. (including kids with special needs like Autism, ADHD, etc..). [Review:]

Shanti Generation: Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers. 90 minutes. Designed especially for preteens & teens ages 10-15. Includes breathing exercises, poses for strength, flexibility and balance, relaxation poses and mindful awareness practices. [Review:]

Sing Song Yoga. 44 minutes. Uses original children’s songs, sung to familiar tunes, to teach the poses  [Review:]

Storyland Yoga by Playful Planet. Two yoga stories – Condor Trek (23:10) & Save the Whale (18:30). Plus special features: Playful Planet, Yoga Benefits, The Poses & Storytelling. [Review:]

The Peddler’s Dream by Storytime Yoga. 28 minutes. Children learn geography and philosophy with friends Jean-Jacques the pirate, Spanish and poetry with Lalita the Mariquita, and story structure as they retell the story with yoga poses.

Whale Yoga For Kids by Next Generation Yoga. 37 minutes. Yoga stretches and breathing techniques that imitate the movement and behavior of humpback whales.

Yoga Adventures with Down Dog: A Yoga Alphabet Playdate DVD by Teresa Anne Power of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. 16 minutes. [Review:]

YogaBuddies Bedtime Stories DVD. 40 minutes. Includes: 3 bedtime stories & 42 calming yoga poses. Follow along as five yoga buddies demonstrate calming yoga poses while listening to bedtime stories.

YogaKids: Yoga for the Classroom. 68 minutes (three 15-minute yoga sequences). Ages 7-12. Designed for use in a classroom setting.

Yoga By the Dozen. 30 minutes, ages 2-6. [Review:]

Yoga For Children With Developmental Challenges – Teacher Edition: 85 minutes, especially good for teens & adults with special needs [Review:]

Yoga in Motion – Radiant Child by Shakta Kaur Khalsa and friends. 90 minutes. Includes English & Spanish options plus one track done with American Sign Language. 22 songs and yoga movements demonstrated by children and parents in real time and the “Learn the Moves” feature includes slowed down instruction and teaching tips. Sections might be good to infuse into a yoga group for kids, very helpful as a tool to learn the songs, activities, poses you would be teaching. The companion Yoga in Motion Workbook by Alima Clarke & Shakta Kaur Khalsa has teacher tips, benefits, song lyrics & craft activities.

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth – The Story of Ganesha – over 90 minutes of activity, youth learn breathing, cardiovascular & relaxation exercises. Includes English & Spanish options.

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth – Vishnu’s OHMazing Journeys – over 200 minutes of content and features helps families connect Body, Mind, Heart, and Art.


Budding Yogis: Mindfulness Songs & Meditations

Calming Young Minds [Review:]

Children’s Yoga Songs and Meditations for The Radiant Child Yoga Program by Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Chill Children: Guided Relaxation with Global Family Yoga [Review:]

Come Play Yoga! By Karma Kids Yoga

Cozy by Shakta Kaur Khalsa/Radiant Child Yoga

Dance for the Sun: Yoga Songs for Kids by Kira Willey

Guided Meditation 4 Children: I am the Breeze by Nancy Williams, SLP (author of Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child)

Happy by Shakta Kaur Khalsa/Radiant Child Yoga

Happy Songs and Relaxation Songs CD (2 CD set) by Kids in Harmony [Review:]

Harmony Bliss by Kids in Harmony [Review:]

Kidding Around Yoga: Music for Little Yogis [Review:]

Kings & Queens of the Forest: Yoga Songs for Kids, Vol. 2 by Kira Willey [Review:]

LittleTREE Yoga DVD/CD by GreenTREE Yoga

LittleTREE Yoga Breaks by GreenTREE Yoga

Musical Yoga Adventures

Musical Yoga Adventures: World Journey [Review:]

Namaste ‘n Play from Kidding Around Yoga [Review:]

Namaste! Songs, Yoga & Meditations for Young Yogis! by Christopher Kavi Carbone

OM Work from Kidding Around Yoga [Review:]

Songames for Sensory Processing: 25 Therapist-Created Musical Activities for Improving Fine & Gross-Motor Skills, Muscle Strength and Rhythmicity by Aubrey Lande, OTR, Bob Wiz, Lois Hickman & Friends (2 CD’s w/ book).

StoryBook Yoga by Susan Hendler Lederer, SLP

Stress Free Kids – Guided Relaxation CD series (Indigo Dreams, Indigo Ocean Dreams, Indigo Dreams Garden of Wellness, Indigo Teen Dreams)

Yoga for Kids and Classroom by GreenTREE Yoga

YogaBuddies Good Morning, Good Night CD Set


MagneTalk Yogarilla by Super Duper Publications. .  Vinyl magnetic game board, 15 vinyl magnetic Yogarilla tiles & 15 treasure (reinforcement) tiles.

The Yoga Garden Game by YogaKids. A fun cooperative yoga board game.

Wai Lana’s Little Yogis: Little Yogis Game Cards. Set of 52 cards (26 matching pairs) in small playing-card size. Each card depicts a yoga pose & includes game ideas. I have primarily used them for “memory”. The small card size is good for playing games but are too small to be used as yoga pose cards in a large group setting.

Yoga-Yingo. 3 different game sets available: Nature, Farm, Classic.  They’re played like bingo w/ yoga poses. I love that they are cooperative games. [Review:]

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

Speech-Language Pathologist

Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC – inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities

Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2


Facebook Messaging for OMazing Kids: (note: Facebook frequently changes the link to messaging so if this one doesn’t work head over to my page and click on the “Send Message” button)





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4 responses to this post.

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  2. Wow – that’s one heck of a list of resources. Great to see so many different ways teachers/parents/therapists can share yoga with children. As always, Angela, you are Omazing!

    Donna Freeman
    founder and


    • Thanks Donna! The list started as a small resource list to share with attendees at the presentation I did at the Oklahoma Autism Conference a couple of years ago. It has grown rapidly with all the wonderful products that folks have sent me to review & host giveaways for + the ones I have purchased. Our community of kids yoga & wellness are such a creative & inspiring group. I love seeing all the great stuff they come up with and love spreading the word about it 🙂


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