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50% off the amazing iESLp app (create your own interactive and printable activities & visual supports)

. {Big App Sale} The iESLp app allows you to make interactive activities for use on the iPad or printable activities and visual supports for use off the iPad. This app is a great bargain on sale for only $9.99 considering that you could easily spend that amount on one or two items on Teachers […]

Symbol Supported Language Stimulation: visual supports to expand verbal utterances

. Symbol Supported Language Stimulation: visual supports to expand verbal utterances You are a “vintage” SLP if you remember using the Fokes Sentence Builder as a visual means of teaching kids how words go together to form sentences. For the past 27 years, I’ve infused that concept into how I model language. The pictures in […]

Printable Visual Supports for Kids Yoga

Looking for Printable Visual Supports for Kids Yoga? Several folks have sent e-mails requesting printable versions of some of the visual supports I have made to use in OMazing Kids Yoga so I have uploaded several to this blog in PDF format: yoga breathing visual support (flower and candle) Social Story “Good Behavior in Yoga Group” with […]

Using Visual Supports in Yoga Groups for Kids & Teens – being inclusive of learning styles

Looking for ways to include kids & teens with different learning styles in your yoga groups? Want to use positive ways to support participation and reduce problematic behaviors? Then you might want to consider using “visual supports”. Many of the kids I work with in OMazing Kids Yoga have difficulty understanding & following verbal instructions. […]

{Power of Visuals}

. {Power of Visuals} Gotta LOVE the power of visual supports when working with kids with special needs! I have a patient who has had the hardest time understanding and using pronouns (he/she) and prepositions/spatial concepts. He doesn’t have Autism but most of the strategies that I use with that population are helpful for him. […]

OMazing Kids SLP Retirement Sale: What I Have & Where I Will Be Selling It

. OMazing Kids SLP Retirement Sale There have been LOTS of folks interested in what is happening to my stash of materials, books, games, toys, etc. when I retire. I have been flooded with Facebook messages on my personal account and on OMazing Kids. So much so that I realized that I need to write […]

Top 10 AAC App Updates in 2017

. It’s amazing to see how much the field of AAC has changed over the course of my 28 year career as a SLP. Long gone are the old days of it taking years to see any major changes or improvements in AAC options. We are living in an era of rapid advancement thanks largely […]

{Book Review} Clinical Workbook for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants by Robert Kraemer & Jacqueline Bryla

. {Book Review} Clinical Workbook for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants by Robert Kraemer & Jacqueline Bryla . This workbook is the first of its kind to feature treatment activities using iPad apps in addition to traditional therapeutic activities and materials. Each activity is explained with detailed, step-by-step instructions and supporting photographs. Includes activities for the following […]

No-Prep “Grab & Go” Activity for Core Vocabulary & Language: Play-Doh Rowdy the Garbage Truck and the book Trashy Town (includes free printable symbols and coloring page)

. Looking for a No Prep “Grab & Go” activity that has lots of opportunities for targeting core vocabulary, following directions, sequencing, adjectives, verbs, expanding utterances & more?   I have several patients who have a passion for garbage trucks and anything related to them ….. funny but true. So I use the book “Trashy […]

2017 Kidmunicate’s 100 top blogs and websites for SLPs ~ OMazing Kids on the list again

. It is an honor and blessing to see OMazing Kids on the list again this year! That’s three years in a row. 2016 was quite a year on OMazing Kids. As we start 2017, OMazing Kids has had a total of 1,245,083 hits on the blog, 12,984 followers on Facebook, 1,684 followers on Twitter, […]