GoTalk Now: a visual guide to getting started (+ more)

This resource has a 60 page PDF, access to several unlisted YouTube videos, exclusive Share Codes that will allow you to download 4 premade items from my private area on the Online Gallery, etc … *** There is one topic … Continue reading

Setting up Blue2 switch for GoTalk Now app

A quick look at setting up the Blue2 Bluetooth switch for use in GoTalk Now. The switch interface shown in this video: Be sure to join the GoTalk Now AAC App – Ideas and Sharing Facebook group: Find … Continue reading

GoTalk Now: Video Line Expressions (thinking about creative AAC options for Gestalt Language Processors)

GoTalk Now: Video Line Expressions ( This is a Communication Book that I created in the GoTalk Now app with 16 buttons with very short video clips based on “scripts” that my patients used to express emotions or thoughts. I’ve … Continue reading

How to Video: Creating a Visual Scene page in GoTalk Now

How to Video: Creating a Visual Scene page in GoTalk Now, Want more info about ways to use Visual Scene Displays or Video Visual Scene Displays? This recorded webinar from ISAAC has several case studies / examples: Join … Continue reading