Free Type / ǝdλ⊥ Large Text Typing App with Flipped Dual Message Window & Spoken Content

Although the free Type / ǝdλ app ( hasn’t been updated in many years it currently works on my two iPad 8th gens on iOS 14.5 & iOS 15.4.1 and my iPhone 11 on iOS 14.8.

My guess is this app is the simplicity of this app has allowed it to continue to work without being updated.

I’m sharing it as something that is helpful when you need large text and a dual message window. It is easy to change the size of the text by pinching in/out on the message window.

It could be a good option for AAC users who want something simple to use on their iPhone or iPad and prefer not to have voice output.

But you could enable a voice to have the text spoken by having the following toggled on in the device Settings (gray gear): Accessibility – Spoken Content – Speak Selection. This section is also where you can choose an iOS voice, adjust the rate of speech, have text highlighted when spoken, edit pronunciations, etc.

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