{App Review & Giveaway} What’s the Pic Articulation by HomeSpeechHome



{App Review & Giveaway} What’s the Pic Articulation by HomeSpeechHome (https://appsto.re/us/iZ3Aeb.i, iOS Universal, $4.99). See details below for how to enter to win a code for this SLP-designed app. I have 1 iOS app code to giveaway.

A picture is displayed with a varied number of times the player must say it. Each time the word is said, a star lights up. Once all the stars are lit, a sticker is removed from the hidden picture with a fun sound effect, and players try to guess what it is before it is completely uncovered! Hidden pictures are covered with colorful stickers (8 different types each with their own fun, reinforcing sound effect as they are removed). Spelling hints are available when a player is having trouble guessing the hidden picture. Three different animated reward screens are earned upon guessing or uncovering the hidden picture.


Get a great overview of the app in this video:


Here’s what I love about this unique new app:

* how well it responds to voice output.
* the therapist is responsible for scoring the accuracy of each production.
* includes every phoneme, blends and vocalic r in every position of words. It’s great that each blend and type of vocalic r is listed separately. {Tip: Unless you have plenty of unused space on your iPad, I would suggest just downloading the sounds as you need them. The app developer indicated that it would take up to 1 GB of space to have everything downloaded at the same time.}
* real photos for the target word & the hidden picture.
* can set up multiple users and customized with a name and picture or emoji avatar. Can use individually or in a group. The app automatically advances turns among the players. The app remembers the sound a player worked on in the last session.
* data is collected on each player and can be e-mailed.
* guessing the hidden picture before it is uncovered is a fun way to also address inferencing and part-to-whole goals.
* everything is included. No in-app purchases or ads.

Wishes for a future app update: 

The app is GREAT as it is and a bargain for the price but I have given the following suggestions to the app developer that would make it even better if they plan to update it in the future:

* After downloading a sound, it would be nice to be able to further customize the list for a particular child. For example, for some patients I might want to exclude multisyllabic words or words with a much harder phoneme. Or I might want to only include challenging words for kids further along in the therapy process.

* It would also be nice to know how many words are included when you select a sound, have a countdown and to be able to set how many repetitions you want for each word (with the option to have it randomized like it currently appears to be)

* It would be nice to be able to import a pic from the camera roll in addition to the options of selecting an avatar and taking a pic. I have several patients who have a favorite character that they would be highly motivated to use as an avatar. I ended up displaying a picture on another iPad and taking a picture of it within this app.

* It would be great to have the option of customizing the hidden picture. It would be highly motivating for a child to uncover a pic of their favorite character, toy, etc.

* It would be nice to have the app rotate when you flip the iPad. Due to the configuration in my treatment room I’m almost always seated to the right of the patient. I always use my iPad in landscape orientation with the home button on the right. I do that so I am both in charge of the home button & since most SLP scoring is on that side. The app is currently upside down when my iPad is my favorite position.


Website: http://www.home-speech-home.com/whats-the-pic-articulation-app.html
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Want a chance to win this cool new app?

Enter by 1-2-3:
1) “liking” the pinned post on the OMazing Kids Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OMazingKidsYoga/photos/a.1039368119447526.1073741892.174264525957894/1229860667064936/?type=3&theater)
2) “commenting” on the pinned post on the OMazing Kids Facebook page about why you would like to win this app. Please indicate if you are a SLP.
3) sending a private Facebook message to the OMazing Kids page mentioning “What’s the Pic Articulation” AND mentioning any bonus entries completed (details below).

All 3 of those steps are required to enter. Bonus entry options with 1 point given for each of the following:

* liking the OMazing Kids FB page (new & existing likes all count).
* sharing the Facebook post.
* joining the AppPeeps Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/OMazingKidsAppPeeps/).

Entry Deadline: Tomorrow, 9/11/16 at 6:00pm CST. Depending on the number of entries received, it may take a day or so to verify them and to announce the winner/distribute the code to that person.


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