Penguin Young Readers 12 Days of Picture Books Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway Day 3 – “Happy” by Pharrell Williams



I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this new kids picture book by Pharrell Williams! I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist and have numerous kids on my caseload who LOVE this song. It could easily be the musical mantra for kids with special needs. It’s by far the most motivating song on my iPad that will consistently get a response and get kids to activate the screen to independently turn on the song via the Touch Switch app by Goatella (




What’s cool about the picture book inspired by the lyrics from this song is that it features gorgeous photos of kids acting out what those lyrics mean to them. Nope… no Minions to be found in this book. Instead the focus is on kids and they did a nice job with multicultural representation (I do wish they had included a few kids with special needs in the photos since they are not often featured in kids picture books and this would have made the book even more fabulous). The photos are embellished with fun illustrations and the words are in a large easy to read font arranged in an interesting way on each 2-page spread.




Having this song in book form caused me to really focus on the powerful lyrics. Here are some of my faves with messages of limitless possibilities & overcoming obstacles … especially powerful for kids with special needs to hear:

“I’m a hot air balloon that could go into space”

“Well, gimme all you got and don’t hold back. Well, I should probably warn you, I’ll be just fine.”

“Bring me down… can’t nothing… Bring me down… my level’s too high… Bring me down… can’t nothing… Bring me down”




An added bonus for kids yoga teachers is that many of the pages lend themselves well to kids yoga activities. Here are the opportunities for kids yoga that I spotted in the book: sun breath & stretch, sun salutations, palm tree, ocean breath, hot air balloon visualization, balloon breath, rocket ship blast off, kite, rooftop partners, clapping to beat, drumming, lotus mudra crown, raindrop pats, puddle stomping, umbrella, airplane & yoga freeze dance to the song “Happy”.

Book Trailer:


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Want a chance to win a copy of this fabulous book? Head over to the Penguin Kids Facebook page: This is where all of the giveaways will be located in the Penguin Young Readers 12 Days of Picture Books Blog Tour & Giveaways. Look for a post on their Facebook page for the giveaway for this book on 12/4/15. That post will contain all the specifics on how to enter and the rules for the giveaway.

Also be sure to check out the Penguin Young Readers Holiday Gift guide where you can build and share your own wish list from a huge assortment of kids’ books for all age groups:




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