{Review} Fortsy Forts



Have you seen the cool Fortsy Forts? Their Kickstarter campaign was a success. Good news for those who missed the opportunity to preorder as part of that campaign….. They have a few extra forts available for purchase in 2 choices:
* Castle
* Pretty Playhouse

I received a prototype of the Fortsy Tower and was impressed with how easy & quick it was to set it up and to take it down. It really did set up in less than 2 minutes. I love the vivid colorful design & that the fabric allows light in. Really cool design! Anyone looking for a play fort that is easy to set up and can be stored in a small carrying bag should seriously consider a Fortsy Fort. I can’t wait to see all the options they come out with in the future.

Order inquiries can be e-mailed to fortsyforts@gmail.com





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