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The Do-Si-Do with Autism Friendship Kit is a “must have” for all disability awareness, inclusion & anti-bullying programs!


Product Description: Do-Si-Do with Autism is a  ground-breaking CD and DVD set specially designed to help children without autism understand, accept and celebrate their peers with autism. Perfect for parents, school staff, advocacy organizations and teens — anyone building accepting communities.

Do-Si-Do with Autism is a delightfully entertaining and thoughtful way to introduce children to the importance and joy of building meaningful relationships with those who have autism and other developmental disabilities.

The story revolves around Taylor, the turtle with autism, who sheds light on what it is like to feel pain from the overwhelming movements and sounds around him. His feelings are especially pronounced on square dance day at school. Filled with dread, he retreats to the sidelines and finds solace in his beloved books. To his surprise, however, his classmates follow his lead and, in doing so, begin to focus less on their differences and more on all they have in common.

Price & Ordering Info: At the time of this post, the set was being sold at an introductory price of $39.00 and is available on their website:


The Do-si-Do with Autism by Sarah Stup set includes one CD & one DVD. Here are screenshots of the contents of each disc:


Do-si-Do with Autism CD contents

This kit is very well designed & organized! I love the positive message, awesome illustrations, quality narration, fun music, how many activities are included & that this was all inspired by the writings of an individual with ASD. What a fabulous example of self-advocacy! The best insights that we have into the world of Autism are to listen to individuals like Sarah who are able to tell us about it through their own experiences. It’s exciting to think about how easy & fun this would be to implement in any elementary school or advocacy event 🙂

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Contents of the Disability Awareness Tool Kit (Step 3 – 37 page PDF):

Tool Kit

To give you an example of more awesomeness is packed into this set, the “Fun Pack” PDF from Step 4 is 123 pages full of printable activity sheets! Here are screenshots of the contents:


activities 2

activities 3

activities 4


The Do-Si-Do with Autism book is included in three formats: e-book (36-page PDF), narrated & animated movie (16:00 minute DVD) & audio (MP3) . The DVD also includes a fabulous 3 minute video “Are Your Eyes Listening” that silently gives you a look into the world of Autism through the eyes of the author, Sarah Stup.

Do-Si-Do with Autism


Do-si-Do with autism DVD

Common Core Standards Alignment Guide for teachers

Kindergarten First gradeSecond grade

Complete Contents list

More great FREE printables are available on their website:

* Bookmarks
* Desk decoration
* Autism Friendship poster
* Taylor’s holiday gift!

Make friends with someone with Autism



About the Author:

Sarah Stup, a writer with Autism, discovered the power of the written word when she was eight.  Until that time, because she could not speak, few appreciated just how bright she was or the extent to which she absorbed her lessons and environment.  Ultimately, Sarah would graduate high school with honors, but it was from her first awkwardly written sentences that her dream of being a writer began.

Sarah was born in Frederick, MD, in 1983, and was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning its symptoms vary from person to person.  Sarah’s disability is considered significant.  She does not speak and has limited motor skills.  Still, she writes.

From her cozy kitchen nook, she has written two books in two years: Do-si-Do with Autism, for children; and Are Your Eyes Listening? Collected Works, for adults. Sarah has also just released her Keepsake Collection, which includes Nest Feathers: A celebration of family, home and memories shared and Heartand Spirit: Words to comfort, inspire and share.

Although Sarah’s writings deal with the experience of autism, each also touches on universal themes like love, personal meaning and the need to belong.


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