Review & Giveaway: Namaste Kid’s “Sport Yoga” DVD

The new “Sport Yoga” DVD by Namaste Kid is a great combo of  “sports themed” yoga with their signature distraction-free background & kid-friendly format!


  • The DVD is organized into 11 chapters.
  • Each chapter is a complete 3-5 minute yoga routine, identified by a colorful icon.
  • You can mix-and-match chapters to create your own unique yoga experience.
  • This DVD can also be played from beginning to end as a full 42-minute yoga routine.
  • I LOVE the sports theme, creativity, short length of each chapter, distraction-free background, kid-friendly menu, parent info section & that it includes affirmations (I am fun! I am playful!).
  • Love that this DVD also has “Cool Down” & “Yoga Rest” segments.
  • If you are a kids yoga teacher, this DVD will give you some new creative ideas for yoga poses (ex: scoop up your legs to add sand onto the sand castle in flower pose, cross-crawl hike from Brain Gym as a soccer ball bounce, a modified dancer pose as a “slam dunk” in basketball, etc….). Kids yoga teacher trainings very rarely come to Oklahoma so I am always excited to find other ways to get new ideas. 

See the “Kick It” chapter from the DVD on YouTube:

Product Description:  Sport Yoga engages your child in yoga poses set to their favorite sports, including basketball, baseball, and bike riding! Sport Yoga combines child-friendly yoga poses with active movement. Your child will find fun, interactive, and challenging ways to move their body right on their yoga mat. Little yogis can create their own sport activity. Little yogis can create their own sport activity. Sport Yoga contains 11 chapters. Each chapter is a complete 3-5 minute yoga routine that encourages your child to move their body. This DVD can be played from beginning to end as a full 42-minute exercise routine. Your child can also mix-and-match their favorite sports to create a custom workout. Sport Yoga simply features Sarah and her mat. Sarah leads a fun and energetic yoga practice, teaching your child the importance of keeping their body healthy and active. It’s like having a personal yoga instructor in your living room! This DVD is ideal for kids ages 3 to 8. There are also tips to help your child maximize the benefits of the DVD.

DVD Price at the time of this post: $15.99. Available for purchase on Amazon: . This DVD is also part of the new Yoga Motion 3-DVD Set ($39.99): which will be the prize it this giveaway. I have previously reviewed the other two DVD’s in the set so be sure to check out those reviews on my blog: &

Website: Check out the cool pose library: & find kids yoga classes in your area:

More about the unique “distraction-free” background: While the DVD was designed for young kids (3 to 8 years old), it also would be appropriate for older kids that need a simplified format with no distractions. I have found that this format works well with young kids short attention spans and also works well with kids who have ADHD, Autism, etc…..

Why does a “distraction-free” background matter?….

(FYI… the blue painting in the background above is a portion of “Sensory Chaos” by Donna Proctor:–autism-donna-proctor-poster.html)

Free Printable Choice Cards: I made these by taking screen shots off the DVD of the icon for each chapter. Many of the kids I work with have very limited verbal skills so I needed a way for them to be able to make a choice of what yoga adventure we should do. One of our TV’s is wall mounted so the kids can’t just point to the menu on the TV plus many of our kids can’t make a choice out of a field of 11…… but can out of a field of 2 or 3 choices. I cut my cards apart and laminated them so I can offer 2 choices at a time….. but you could also leave all choices on 1 sheet if the kids you work with can handle that many choices. (2 page PDF: Namaste Kid Sport Yoga DVD Choice Cards (2-page PDF) )

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed are my own. Starting in 2013, a new component of reviews & giveaways hosted on OMazing Kids is that a review will be added on (for products sold on that site). See my Amazon profile at:


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  1. This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. Here is the winning entry: Devon Ritchie “Winning this product would inspire me to finally begin teaching my students yoga. I am proud to say we have a incorporated a center circle to our afternoons to calm and center ourselves. (I practice and read much on meditation and mindfulness- and translate it so my inner city students can absorb what we are practicing) A yoga DVD would be a great gift to my students and if it is sitting on my desk every day it will remind me how lucky we are to have received it and therefore we must utilize it! I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you!”

  2. It is a pity that I live in Australia and aren’t eligible for this contest. If I was going to buy a DVD for use in my classroom what would you recommend. I teach kindergarten in Perth Western Australia which is children who are 4 or turning 4 at the first half of of the calendar year By 30th June. At the moment I do a little mediation with my students but not yoga. Can you please advise me?

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