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Product Description: A 40-page spiral-bound book (6″ x 9″) + a foam Yoga Dice (2.25″ x 2.25″). List price: $23.95.

Created by a mother of 3 boys with ADHD, Jackie Kuhn is a pediatric Occupational Therapist and registered yoga teacher. This book is a beautiful photo essay of children with special needs in a variety of fun and easy yoga poses. Let’s Roll Yoga explains the therapeutic benefits of yoga. In a physical sense it improves flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It also enhances a sense of calmness, gives kids the ability to self-regulate their energy levels and provides them with tools to explore and express emotions. This book includes case studies of children in the author’s “SKY” (Special Kids Yoga) class, chapters on how to start, pose descriptions, modifications and breath games. The purpose of Let’s Roll Yoga is to make it simple to incorporate yoga for already over-loaded parents and teachers. Includes a soft “Yoga Dice” with the following poses on it: Bridge, Cat-Cow, Cobra, Child, Downward Dog & Tree.

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Here’s what I love about this product:

  • The foam Yoga Dice is large enough for kids with fine motor difficulties to be able to hold and roll.
  • The spiral-bound book has heavyweight pages that feel sturdy, are easy to turn and stay open when laid on the floor.
  • The book includes information about the benefits of yoga for kids including therapeutic benefits in the areas of flexibility, strength, balance, language, auditory processing, sensory integration, self-awareness & breathing. General tips for setting up a daily yoga routine, safety and modifications/precautions are included.
  • Four breathing activities are included in the book (bean bag breath, cotton ball breath, bee breath & dog breath) with a color photo & simple instructions.
  • Each pose in the book has a color photo and simple instructions. LOVE the photos of kids with special needs doing yoga….. their pure joy shines!
  • 4 short “case studies” are included in the book. They include the age & diagnoses of each child along with details about how that child benefited from yoga.
  • A short relaxation script “Rainbow Wear” from Ready…. Set… R.E.L.A.X. is included (it was fun to learn that Jackie’s brother, Jeffrey Allen, M.Ed., is one of the co-authors of that book. I have that book and love it!).
  • The only suggestion/tip I have is to modify use of the yoga dice to fit the individual needs of the kids you have in your class. For example, many of the kids I work with have seizures, heart conditions or other diagnoses that are a contraindication for doing inversions. Because of that, we very rarely do Downward Dog in my classes. So I am planning on modifying that side of the dice (haven’t decided exact “how” yet….. I may add a clear pocket to that side to be able to insert a pose).


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5 thoughts on “Review: Let’s Roll Yoga

  1. Thanks for the mention of our book “Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X.”
    As a former special education professional, I wish yoga resources were available when I was teaching!
    Jeff Allen
    “Ready…Set…R.E.L.A.X.” (for children)
    “RELAX.calm” (for teens)

    • Hi Sue – It would be up to an individual child’s doctor(s) to determine that. The kids that we serve at the JD McCarty Center often have multiple diagnoses and special needs. We also get kids who are in DHS child welfare protective custody whose medical history is often unknown. So we take a very cautious/conservative approach. For this reason, I also never do any advanced poses like headstands, handstands or acro-yoga stuff. Here is the list of contraindications that we use:

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