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Product Description:  When Jeeva becomes jealous of a new boy in school, the little yogi reacts by isolating himself from the other children. When his feelings inside beginning to escalate, Jeeva reacts to his conflicted emotions and begins to bully the new boy, Samir. Will Jeeva continue down his path of bullying and negativity, or will he learn to work through his ill feelings towards Samir? This easy-to-read, interactive yoga book teaches children to work through the negative feelings they might have toward others. Approaching bullying from a unique perspective, this wonderful book puts bullying in the spotlight by getting into the mind of a bully. A fantastic book for children and parents alike, the book teaches a positive and insightful anti-bullying message while expertly instructing children and parents with invaluable yoga exercises. 

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Here’s what I love about this book: 

  • Each 2-page spread has a full-page colorful illustration on the left. The right side has short text in a large easy-to-read font plus an illustration of the yoga pose.
  • Poses in the book: cat, down dog, up dog, lizard, tree, half moon, back bend, monkey, elephant, warrior, chair, butterfly.
  • Love that the story is written from the perspective of a child who ends up being the bully, that his teacher helps him consider the feelings of the child he has bullied and to use breathing as a calming technique.
  • “Let’s Talk About Jeeva” discussion page (ex: Why do you think Jeeva was so angry? Do you think it would be hard to be the new kid in school or in your neighborhood? etc…). This is a great way to get kids to really think about the concepts learned in the story and apply them to their own lives.
  • Love how the Jeeva series is addressing common situations & behavioral issues faced by children.
  • Includes a brief relaxation script for savasana.
  • A 13-page section at the end of the book provides another illustration of each pose & detailed but easy-to-understand instructions for that pose.


A peek inside the book:






Jeeva Bully


jeeva bully 2


See more about the book series in this video:

Jeeva video

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Available for purchase on and on the company’s website:


Several other books are planned in the Jeeva series. See details on their Kickstarter page:


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2 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: Jeeva the Bully – Read and Learn Yoga

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  2. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the 5 winning entries:

    * Amalia Papachristodoulou in Greece: “To teach to children why bullying is bad, and
    there is a way to release anger or stress or any negative feelings through yoga, I find
    it a very interesting combination, two things in one book!”

    * Rossana Carrasco in Mexico: “I was part of a beautiful story that started with Jeeva finds Courage and would really love to have the second book. I teach Yoga at Lancaster School in Mexico City. I work with kids from 3 to 11 years old. There are many Anti-Bullying Campaigns at the School, but I think that the important thing is that kids don’t know how to recognize and deal with negative feelings and emotions (an issue for all of us adults as well), and that’s essential to stop and prevent bullying. I’m sure that Jeeva would be a great help!”

    * Joanne Choo in Mexico: “I am a full-time English-Tutor to children from
    ages 5 to 15.. Reading this book to children can help children who are bullies or victims of bullies understand how they can prevent or stop bullying behaviors.. Also teaching children the different yoga poses is another excellent calming technique for today’s hyper-active children.”

    * Laurea Palmantier in Canada: “This book looks like it would be a great
    addition to my kids yoga classes. I also have “Jeeva Finds Courage” and I love
    it and so do the kids I share it with. I would love to take this into the schools, it is
    such an important message.”

    * Denise Sullivan in Maine, USA: “This book seems to bring together so many
    concepts I often have the privilege to teach to students. I wear many hats at an island school including being an occupational therapist, certified yoga teacher, expressive arts therapist and school counselor. Using yoga, children’s books, opportunities to use the arts while integrating the mind and body in movement and relaxation is a regular part of my curriculum. This particular focus of bullying is a high priority across the nation and it is exciting to have an opportunity to access “just right” , kid friendly materials to make learning meaningful and part of a students practice in the world. I also like that it is part of a series which is involved in a give and take campaign working together, something which our school is committed to fostering the significance of community, both on the island but also in the global community which we share.”
    Thanks to everyone who participated! Be watching for another review/giveaway soon on OMazing Kids 🙂

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