Book Review & Giveaway: The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny – The Princess Path

Adventures of Starlight and Sunny giveaway


Looking for children’s books that help support positive values & life skills? Check out the new Adventures of Starlight and Sunny book series…..


Product Description:  

The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny book series is written to be a learning experience between parents and their children or yoga studio’s and clients, teachers and students. An open and on going discussion based on the values, life lessons and skills presented in the books. I hope you find them to be a fun and valuable read. Come join Starlight and Sunny, a pair of happy, adventurous sisters who go wherever their imagination takes them. Whether under their bed, in their back yard or far from home, these darling girls always follow imagination’s lead. You may find them wriggling into a fancy costume, playing heroes, petting a puppy, or searching for buried treasure. One things for sure; wherever you find Starlight and Sunny, adventure will not be far behind. Come along as we see what adventures the girls will discover today and like Starlight and Sunny, you will find happiness, it is the truest way.

Book one, “The “Princess Path“, How to do good deeds.
Book two, “The Secret Valley“, How to be happy.
Book three, “I am me! Who are you?”, How to pick quality friends and stand up to bullies.
Book Four, “Princesses Don’t Need a Job !” How to be an independent Entrepreneur.

Keep your eye open for the next adventure coming out mid-November, Book 5, “Building a Dream“ How to focus and make your dreams come to life.

I received book one, “The Princess Path” for this review & giveaway…..

  • Paperback: 44 pages
  • Publisher: Ashley Armstrong; 1 edition (July 5, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0991951778
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991951772
  • Product Dimensions:  0.1 x 8.4 x 8.4 inches

The preview on didn’t show any interior pages so here are a couple that I scanned to give you a feel for the book:

Adventures of Starlight and Sunny


Adventures of Starlight and Sunny 2

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Here’s what I love about this book: 

  • Great message of inner beauty, good deeds, respect & the ripple effect of kindness.
  • Rhyming text is fun to read.
  • Bold font is consistently placed on the left side of each 2-page spread (makes it easier to read in a group setting).
  • Cute illustrations.
  • The only suggestion for improvement is that while the illustrations depict different ages they are all Caucasian. Diversity in the illustrations would have been nice to correspond with the message about respecting all who live and not to dislike those who are not the same.


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This book is the first in a series of 5 books. The first four books are available on in paperback & Kindle e-book editions : The 5th book is due to be released in mid-November 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: The Adventures of Starlight and Sunny – The Princess Path

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are the 5 winning entries. Your info has been e-mailed to the author to mail out the books:

    * Katrina Allen in Minnesota – I work in a preschool, specifically with children who have special needs. I have been using a little bit of yoga in conjunction with social skills lesson. I think this book would be another great resource to use with my students!

    * Elissa Cirignotta in Oregon – I am a small business owner teaching special needs Imagination yoga and girls empowerment classes and I love to use literature to support my sessions. This book could easily be integrated into my classes and the curriculum I use to teach children how to love themselves, listen to their breath and bodies, and be boldly kind!

    * Missy Weaver in Arizona – I work with children in speech. Many are very shy and do not venture out of their comfort zone. I like to incorporate books that have a message to share to boost their self-esteem and worth.

    * Jenny Williams in Rhode Island – I teach yoga to toddlers, preschoolers, tweens and teens. I use picture books in most of my classes with the younger children and I am always looking for books to use in class that match up with my themes. This series looks perfect for helping to teach about the inner beauty and kindness. For my preschool classes I love books that rhyme as I like the children to help me read by either guessing rhyming words or give ideas/brainstorm about what they think might happen in the story. So if one character was kind to another – what could then happen (this type of thing – gets children thinking 🙂 Thank you!

    * Joy Howes in Utah – I am a retired teacher who has the opportunity to go into many classrooms and substitute. I would have the opportunity to share this book with many teachers and students. I have also created a website called that promotes healthy values and helps parents recognize and build their children’s talents.This book would be a welcome addition to my growing library of books with a positive message. Thanks so much.

    Be sure to check out our current giveaways & be watching for more in the future.

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