Review & A Way To Give Giveaway: Body Songs & Stories for Children with Special Needs – Vol. 1 DVD

body songs - A way to give giveaway

Product Description:  Body Songs & Stories™ was created by Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka to help children with special needs including Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Down Syndrome & other developmental delays or emotional challenges.  Using easy-to-learn video instructions, parents, caregivers, teachers & therapists can learn how to perform different hand textures to accompany each body songs.  It is designed to foster emotional & physical communication between children & their caregivers. There are 5 original Body Songs on the Vol. 1 DVD.

This DVD features Welcome & Intro sections with fabulous info about setting up a positive environment & safety tips. There are 5 Body Songs included in both “Practice Mode” (the music & lyrics in karaoke style) & “Experiential Mode” (videos of Stephanie demonstrating doing each Body Song and the touch movements on kids while singing the songs).

  • 1-2-3 Song
  • Zoo Song
  • Seasons Song
  • Birthday Song
  • Up In The Hill Song

The 14-page DVD Booklet features:

  • Authors’ Note
  • Getting Started
  • Descriptions of the 6 hand textures movements (tapping, pounding, deep pressure, brushing, rocking & scratching)
  • Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Learning Body Songs
  • How to Use the DVD
  • When to Use Body Songs

The DVD also contains a 13 page PDF file that can be opened on a computer. It contains sheet music for each Body Song with lyrics & motions. Here’s a screenshot of the two pages for the Zoo Song:
zoo song sheet music
bar - green
Here is a “sneek-peek” at a few screenshots from the DVD:
Bodysongs intro
Be sure to watch the Welcome section & Getting Started (parts 1 & 2) for great info:
body songs welcome
body songs 3
From the 1-2-3 Song:
body songs 123
From the Zoo Song:
body songs zoo
From the Seasons Song:
body songs - seasons
From the Birthday Song:
body songs - birthday 2
From the Up In the Hills Song:
body songs - up in the hills
The “Meet the Parents & Kids Like You” section is powerful!
body songs parents & kids

Here’s what I love about the DVD:

  • Stephanie & Yuji’s passion for helping kids with special needs shines through! Even though I’ve never met them in person, I feel a connection with these kindred spirits. This DVD is definitely being added to my short list of “must have” faves for folks wanting to do adapted yoga / adapted movement with kids with special needs. They have more products in the works which I can’t wait to see!
  • The DVD is presented in a very easy to understand format.
  • The Body Songs & hand texture movements are easy to learn. These techniques will be great to incorporate into my OMazing Kids yoga classes & my work as a Speech-Language Pathologist!
  • The DVD booklet & intro section of the DVD provide info for creative use of each hand texture movement (ex: “deep press” to simulate elephants, stones or other heavy objects)
  • They provide very clear info about being sensitive to each child’s unique sensory needs and the sensory aspects of each hand texture movement.
  • They provide clear info about setting up a positive environment & safety precautions before getting started.
  • They encourage you to practice on another adult & have an adult practice on you before trying it out with kids. “The quality of your touch conveys the image of the song”.
  • While the DVD is designed for kids ages 2-9 years old, from my experience it would also be appropriate with older kids who are functioning at a lower developmental level.
  • The “Meet the Parents & Kids Like You” section is powerful! Hear stories from four parents about how using these techniques impacted their child’s motor planning, body awareness, self awareness, confidence, social skills, connections to siblings (& even pets), relaxation & more.

See a preview on YouTube:

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Purchase: Available on the company’s website: Also available on the Playtime Yoga website: (** Note: they have an intro price sale on it through 12:00am PDT on July 6, 2013).



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1 thought on “Review & A Way To Give Giveaway: Body Songs & Stories for Children with Special Needs – Vol. 1 DVD

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner: Jennie Choi, a special ed preschool teacher & the “A Way to Give” winner nominated by Jennie: Charnette Howard, a parent of two boys with ASD. Here is her winning entry:

    “I currently teach preschoolers (ages 2-5) with various special needs at a public school in Richmond, VA. I am working on developing a school wide yoga program through a nonprofit organization called YoKid, based in Northern VA. My dream is to teach yoga to pre-K through 5th grade students, giving them access to all of its benefits. I believe that yoga not only transforms us as individuals but also collectively as a whole society, and therefore, we can create a positive change in our cultural consciousness by practicing yoga! What is most important to me is ensuring that *every* child is able to participate in yoga, regardless of what challenges they may be facing, and in particular those with special needs. For me, music and movement are so critical with teaching children, and I would LOVE to have this resource in my toolbox! Thank you so much for this giveaway and I truly appreciate your consideration. Nominee: Charnette Howard
    is a friend of mine who has two boys on the autism spectrum, who both attend my
    school. I think she and her boys would benefit from having this as well :)”

    All the entries were heart felt & a joy to read:

    * I have been working with kids with special needs for over 15 years now and am aware how therapeutic touch from a caring adult can be. Not only do many of the children with whom I work crave deep pressure in order to cope with other uncomfortable sensations during the day, but I think all children to some degree are calmed and grounded by mindful touch. I love the idea of having new ideas of ways to incorporate therapeutic touch both into my treatment with my pediatric clients but also to be able to give parents new ways to interact therapeutically with their children. In the busy-ness of today, it seems many of the families with whom I work are on such a hopping schedule that “touch” is likely largely fleeting and related to basic daily needs being met: cleaning, dressing, helping move from one place to another. How nice it would be for parent and child to have some dedicated time for touch dedicated primarily to the child’s other sensory and regulatory needs.

    * I teach special education preschool/pre-k. Many of the children and parents I work with are just learning about special needs and the therapies that may help their child. I
    want their first steps into this realm to be positive as well as helpful. I feel that
    this resource could be used in such a way.I also have a three year old niece who has sensory needs who would benefit from the songs.Both at home and home, I believe movement and songs can help children to develop positive sense of awareness with themselves and their bodies in space.

    * I teach at a school for children with learning disabilities. I would use this DVD in my
    everyday teaching as part of my movement program. My children have done some yoga based work in the past and they really respond to it. I think this DVD would be more then beneficial for this upcoming school year.

    * I am a yoga teacher for children with special needs of all kinds – mental, emotional,
    cognitive, physical – ages 3 and up. The greatest population that I serve is somewhere
    on the Autistic Spectrum – a sensory processing disorder in which most have trouble
    establishing awareness of themselves. I would love to bring in these levels of
    communication for social benefits and understanding of ourselves while enjoying movement. I also am a horse-assisted therapist for individual’s with special needs – ages 18 months and up! I can’t think of a greater tool to share with both populations as we all grow, breathe, move, heal, laugh, and feel! Thank you!

    * It is possible that I will be teaching yoga to children this August at a children’s
    summer camp at New Wave Self Defense. I believe this will be many of the children’s
    first experience with yoga, so it would be wonderful to have these songs to enhance the program

    Thanks to everyone who participated! Be watching for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kids soon 🙂

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