Review & A Way To Give Giveaway: Kids in Harmony – Harmony Cards for Kids & CD’s

Kids in Harmony trio Giveaway

A perfect trio of products to promote positive virtues & values in kids!

The past few days have been devastating here in Oklahoma. Several communities were hit by large tornadoes. Many families lost loved ones, pets, homes, cars & all their belongings. Tragedies are not unique to Oklahoma. They happen everywhere and children are often exposed to a non-stop barrage of overwhelming images during these times. It is so important that parents, teachers & caregivers take mindful steps to provide positive images & messages to kids.

Product Description:  

The Harmony Cards for Kids includes 30 two-sided brilliantly illustrated cards with a guidebook offering simple, effective and meaningful ways of encouraging and supporting virtues and values awareness. Simple and effective for schools…

• Teach values and virtues awareness

• Support anti-bullying programs

• Build relationships and school communities

• Support behavior management programs and strategies

• Assist in ‘character’ education and wellbeing

Virtues in the set are: Acceptance * Cleanliness * Compassion * Confidence * Cooperation * Creativity * Encouragement * Enthusiasm * Excellence * Fairness * Flexibility * Forgiveness * Freedom * Friendliness * Generosity * Gentleness * Gratitude * Happiness * Independence * Kindness * Love * Optimism * Patience * Peacefulness * Persistence * Purpose * Respect * Tact * Togetherness * Trust

Here’s what I love about the cards:

  • bright, cheerful illustrations
  • large white font of the virtue on the front is easy to read
  • a kid-friendly definition of each virtue is on the back, including three ways kids can live out that virtue.
  • the topics are ones that are meaningful in the lives of kids and will empower them to make positive choices
  • the guidebook includes 12 pages of wonderful ideas and suggestions on using the cards with kids in a meaningful way

While I love all the cards, these are currently my four “faves” in light of the recent tornadoes & outpouring of support for folks here in Oklahoma: Compassion, Generosity, Gratitude & Optimism.

4 fave harmony kids cards

The cards are also available as an iPad app.

Harmony Bliss CD

The Harmony Bliss CD is a combination of peaceful positive songs and visualizations to support and encourage self care, relaxation activities  and lots of fun and creativity ways to find peace and harmony in your  day. Hear song samples

Happy Songs and Relaxation Songs CD (2 CD set)

CD1 Happy Songs: Lift your spirits, play music, easy listening and movement to movement activities.

CD2 Relaxation Songs: Relaxation time can be a wonderful ritual for the entire family to share, choose an appropriate time when you can assist your child and relax yourself. The relaxation songs on this CD are interactive and brilliant for any environment – in the car, home, school and even sitting at a desk. You can stretch as tall as a mouse and curl up as small as a mouse… Hear song samples

Here’s what I love about the CD’s:

  • wonderful positive messages
  • fun themes that will work well in kids yoga
  • great mix of upbeat & calming tempo songs

It’s cool that both CD’s are also available in downloadable versions!

Purchase via their website:, sign up for their free newsletter, & “like” them on Facebook. The company is located in Queensland, Australia.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed are my own.Starting in 2013, a new component of reviews & giveaways hosted on OMazing Kids is that a review will be added on (for products sold on that site). See my Amazon profile at:

A Way to Give - Giveaway

How to enter the A Way to Give – Giveaway:

  • Required Entry Method: Enter via the “Giveaways” tab on the OMazing Kids – Contests & Giveaways Facebook page ( & mention why these cards & CD’s would be helpful to you. Also nominate a friend, relative, teacher, therapist, school, clinic, library, etc… it can be any individual (other than yourself) or setting that you feel could benefit from having the cards + a CD & tell us why they would benefit from having them (details will count in selecting the winner) (comments must be in English; must include full first & last name; must use respectful people-first language, 1 entry per person).
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Entry Deadline: 11:59pm CST on June 2, 2013 (this particular giveaway is open for an extended period to allow plenty of time for entry by those affected by recent tornadoes).

Rules of Participation:

  • Must be 18 years or older with a valid e-mail address.
  • International entries are being allowed for this particular giveaway.
  • Employees or family members of OMazing Kids, LLC or the product’s company are not eligible.
  • No purchase required.
  • Comments submitted via the Enter Giveaways Here…. tab on Facebook may be copied & pasted into the blog post.
  • Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.
  • The winner will be chosen from valid entries on June 3, 2013.

The Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • 1 set of Harmony Cards for Kids
  • 1 Harmony Bliss CD
  • 1 Happy Songs and Relax Songs CD
  • 1 Sheet of 30 Harmony Stickers

One set of Harmony Cards for Kids + one Harmony Bliss CD will also be sent to the person or place they nominated in their winning entry. (I know this is a bit out-of-the box & different than most typical giveaways where the person who enters wins all the “stuff”.  This is the new “A Way To Give” portion of giveaways on OMazing Kids. I was inspired to make giveaways more meaningful after this experience. Think of it as a way to plant some seeds.)

A 2nd Place Winner will receive one set of Harmony Cards for Kids.

  • The winners will be notified via e-mail, will be posted on the blog post & will be posted on the OMazing Kids Facebook page. The company offering the prize may also post the winner’s name on their website, blog, Facebook page and/or other social media sites at their discretion.
  • The winner’s address will be forwarded to the company and they will be mailing the prizes directly to the winners. Any questions about the prize should be directed to the company.
  • Prize Value: cards: $35.00, CD’s: $25.00-$26.95, stickers: $3.00

Other Legal Stuff: I know it’s just some cards, CD’s & stickers but just to be safe here is all the legal stuff…

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to OMazing Kids, LLC and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for our internal purposes in relation to the administration of the giveaway. Your information will NOT be sold to any outside parties.

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3 thoughts on “Review & A Way To Give Giveaway: Kids in Harmony – Harmony Cards for Kids & CD’s

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners:

    * Grand Prize Winner: Cindy Schaser

    Hello! I am an OT working in Portland, Oregon. I very recently left the clinic where I had been working to open my own community- and home-based private practice. The goal is to be able to do things in the way that I think is best (vs. the way that makes the most money). I’m still building my resources for working on my own, and although I’ve had some training in yoga for children it was unfortunately years ago and lost in a bit of a fog. I would LOVE some great resources for being able to incorporate yoga, mindfulness, setting intentions, and positive affirmations into my treatments. After being a therapist for 15+ years I really believe that these things can be so much more valuable than “this special piece of equipment” or “this technique I learned in a class once.” Even if I don’t win your contest, I’ll be eagerly watching your Facebook page for ideas. Thanks so much!!

    P.S. my website address is not being accepted below for some reason, but it’s; Facebook:

    The “Way to Give” winner nominated by Cindy is:

    Therapy Solutions for Kids
    5200 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 100
    Portland, OR 97239


    * 2nd Place Winner: Dianne Osmun at Rural Family Therapy in Creston, Iowa.

    I would love to win these for my 3 year old daughter. I am also an In-home Behavioral
    Health Specialist, which means I help children and families with skill building. I have
    used other resources similar to these with great success. I would love to have these to
    add to my available resources. The children that I work with generally lack skills for
    self-soothing, so having a means to teach them visualization is extremely helpful in
    learning this skill. In general any kind of music is a wonderful tool to help children
    express themselves. It is even better when there is a positive message within the
    lyrics. I love the Harmony Cards. The illustrations are fun and engaging. For teens
    and adults, I have used Louis Hay’s positive affirmation cards. They are very popular
    with my clients. Finding similar resources for younger children is more difficult. I
    have used a deck of animal cards, based on Native American art and symbolism. Kids love it, but it is much more serious than this deck. I love the whimsical illustrations. I
    am continuously searching for resources to help children learn “feeling” words
    and other ways to express themselves more appropriately. I also find that the cards are
    useful as a conversation starter.

    The rest of the fabulous entries! They were all heartfelt:

    * They would all be useful for me because I work/ teach in a school with kids with
    learning disabilities, and any visual or hearing aid in teaching yoga is extremely
    helpful. I know all my students would love these cards and the music. I am always looking for new and wonderful resources for my classroom.

    * To help me encourage my children to understand and express their feelings openly and honestly, a wonderful skill that will enable them to grow into wonderful, respectful,
    compassionate people who will make our world a better place.

    * I teach kids yoga to preschoolers up to high school students with and without special needs. These look like very positive and motivating cards and CDs. They would be an excellent addition to my kids yoga repertoire. I like the way the cards look like they are a great way to discuss traits and our relationships with each other and the earth. The songs look like they would work well with various themed lessons from animals to insects.

    * I teach yoga to children from ages 3 and up. My theme at camp is mindfulness and this beautiful package seems like a perfect match for what I’ll be teaching. Namaste.

    * I teach yoga to toddlers (with a caregiver), preschoolers, and elementary-aged children. I am always looking for new, fun, creative and thoughtful things to share with these age groups. Harmony Cards for Kids is just that! I love the way the cards promote and encourage virtues and values in a colorful, gentle and accessible way. These cards would be fun to use in each of my classes as I incorporate themes like happiness, compassion, gratitude, peacefulness. Sometimes I don’t outwardly name the theme just weave the theme in throughout the class but these cards would be a nice compliment to my classes, solidifying in a very real way these beautiful lessons. I think they would really show parents and caregivers how to incorporate these lessons and values in to daily life (so that these are not just things we do in yoga class). I also would love to win these cards as I have not been able to purchase many extras for my children’s classes this year. I just completed my (adult) 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training so for the past year I have had keep a very tight budget as I have been funding my training (and will continue to make payments for the next few months). Thank you for your consideration!

    * I am at an exciting transition. I have been researching and implementing yoga as way of helping children and youth within school social work here in my Canadian city for my Masters of Social Work. In a couple of months I will be done and ready to begin my own practice. Being at a beginning of this work any resources are much appreciated by me and the children I work with!

    * As a kids yoga teacher, I work with children who come from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances. I know these cards, CDs and stickers would positively impact the young lives who come into my classes. The majority of my teaching are with children who have suffered trauma and now demonstrate severe behavioral and emotional disturbances. I am always on the lookout for different lesson plans (thank you OMazing Kids for your resources) and props so I can better serve these children and all the children that I teach. My intention when I teach is to get the children to smile and feel good about themselves and their lives. I feel Harmony Cards for Kids will help me do exactly that. I am especially excited for the stickers (my kids LOVE stickers) and also the relaxation songs. When anyone has suffered trauma, it can be a big challenge learning how to relax and feel safe. I would love to have this music to use in my classes. Plus the cards look so pretty, I know the children will naturally be drawn to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you to OMazing Kids and to Harmony Cards for Kids for extending this opportunity to us and to the children whose lives we touch. Namaste.

    * I am a single Super Rock Star Mom Soldier (23 years of service and going) of 2
    AWE-MAZING boys. I can introduce these ideas to the schools here on military bases and other parents.

    Thanks to everyone who participated & be looking for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kids soon!

  2. thanks for offering the giveaway and reviewing the cards! I liked with both of my pages, shared the giveaway on both pages! And am inviting friends! Namaste!

  3. Hello! I just entered this contest. I am so excited for the kids that I teach! I really hope I am able to share this fabulous resource with the children.

    I have Liked both pages and I also shared with my Facebook network. Thank you so very much. Best of luck to everyone! Namaste.

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