Review & Giveaway: Nurture Cards – affirmation cards for children

Nurture Cards Giveaway

Product Description:  Nurture Cards – affirmation cards for children is a box of 40 positive affirmation cards designed with warm colorful drawings that children can relate to and will help them to create their own inner self belief, self love and learn positive self talk. Includes a card with suggestions for using the cards. The company is based in Sydney, Australia.

These cards made my heart smile as soon as I opened them! Here’s what I love about them:

  • includes a wide variety of feelings & situations that kids can relate to (forgiveness, thoughtfulness, anger, doing your best, manners, sharing, learning from mistakes, jealousy, truthfulness, being in nature, trying new things, helpfulness, kindness, gratefulness, creativity, having a love for learning, etc…)
  • the instruction card has some great suggestions. Roxanne’s passion for fostering loving & caring kids shines through!
  • beautiful hand drawn illustrations. The back of the cards has a lovely rainbow illustration.
  • nice 4″x6″ size with large bold font that is easy to read
  • sturdy storage box
  • I am passionate about including affirmations in my work. Often children, especially those with special needs, get the message that something is wrong or needs to be “fixed” in them. It is important that all children know that they are special, important and loved just for “being” and not because of something they “do”.

Here’s a “sneek peek” at four of my favorite cards:


Purchase on their website via Paypal: ($20.00 + shipping will vary based on where you live. Paypal shows the currency converter & then their website shows the international shipping cost. For me the total would have been about $37.00)  or on Amazon ($32.00+ $4.99 shipping):

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12 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Nurture Cards – affirmation cards for children

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the 4 Winners: Jacqueline Reasor at Karuna Kids, Rossana Carrasco at Lancaster Schoool in Mexico City, Judie Hurtado at Shakti Yoga & Kym MacNeil at Hugs Plus.Your info will be e-mailed to the company to mail out the prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated! I was pleased to see so many of you use the bonus entry options. Be watching for another fun review & giveaway soon on OMazing Kids 🙂

    The winning entries:
    * I work to bring mindfulness practice awareness and education to children in underprivileged environments who face a myriad of risk factors in their daily lives. Due to the nature of the community I serve, I do not profit (monetarily) and use my own limited funds for lesson materials. These affirmation cards could definitely bring some light into the fragile souls of the children I work with and further build their resiliency.

    * I´m always looking for new material for my Little Yoguis and I´m obsessed with affirmations, especially when they include these two words: I AM… I am so convinced that what follows those two words is what you become… And I want to empower my kids, I want the best for them. I would use the cards with them. I´ve got around 50 students from the ages 3 to 12 at Lancaster School, some of them are special kids with special needs and I love working with them. In the other hand, I was blessed by winning the Jeeva finds courage book, which I loved and my kids did too. A few days ago someone took from my car trunk all my yoga material: my card decks, Jeeva book, teachers´manual, toys, etc. All the things that I´ve been acquiring for the last 3 years… I have to start over again. I´ve been a little sad because of this and Nurture Cards would really be great to restore my optimism. In fact, they just did.

    * I teach yoga to children who have suffered trauma. The children now demonstrate severe behavioral and emotional disturbances. I know the children would love these beautiful cards. They need as much positivity in their lives as possible since they have been through so much at such a young age. I also teach kids yoga at a yoga studio, in preschools and in elementary schools. I know kids of all ages and backgrounds would benefit from these beautiful, inspiring cards. I would be honored to share them with all the children that I teach.

    * I have always believed that positive affirmations are essential to young children. If they learn at a young age to believe in themselves and have a positive attitude they can do anything. I have been using positive affirmations with my preschool yoga class and I have found they empower the children. Throughout different parts of the day the children can be heard in the classroom repeating the affirmation of the day. Quite a few parents have commented that their children can’t wait to share the affirmation of the with them when they get home. I would love to add these cards to introduce new affirmations with my preschool class.

    The other entries:

    * I teach kids yoga at a local studio and also at my daughter’s school. Having visual props always makes class more interesting and kids get more excited and involved. I LOVE using affirmations and mantra as the kids really resonate with them and the thought of planting the seeds at an early age of positive affirmations vs. the negative self talk that can be so intense as pre teens and teens (and throughout adulthood) is truly Omazing! Imagining the difference it could make to start at such a young age is what makes me love teaching kids yoga and mindfulness. Thank you for offering this valuable tool.

    * Allow to share positive affirmations to children in a colorful beautiful format. Use them with my child and in the yoga kids classes that I teach. Thank you.

    * I am a newly certified yoga instructor (RYT in Oct. 2012). Hoping to start incorporating kids yoga in my daughter’s school and offering in the small community where we live.

    * I am teaching yoga to children and recently started to volunteer my teaching time in the inner city to kids who otherwise would never have an opportunity to take a yoga class. These children also lack self esteem, guidance and goals. These cards would help in teaching the concepts of yoga to these children.

    * I am a registered yoga teacher and volunteer teaching yoga classes at local elementary schools where art, music, and physical education have been cut because of budget problems. It makes my heart smile when I see all of the little faces light up when I roll all of my yoga mats onto campus. I have no budget to purchase any materials for these classes, and am always so grateful for the opportunity to win stuff to use with these amazing kids! I love introducing kids to affirmations in the time we have together. These cards would be a tremendous tool for helping the kids realize the power of positive thinking. I believe all kids should be empowered with positivity and self esteem. I love the beautiful , kid friendly words and illustrations. I am so grateful to be able to introduce kids to the power of positive thoughts, movements, and actions.

    * I’m a special education teacher and would love to use these in my classroom for kids who don’t have a great home life just to brighten up their day

    * I think they would be a wonderful addition to our household. My daughter would really benefit from these wonderful affirmation cards as they would become a daily practice we could do together. She suffers from anxiety and I firmly believe that these will help rewire a few of the negative thoughts she currently has. I would love to incorporate them into our nightly reading as well so she can feel calm and relaxed going to sleep each night.

    * Would be great to use in my kids yoga classes!

    One additional entry was received but was invalid due to no mailing address being entered:
    In my present day I work for Doctors without Borders as a Reproductive & Sexual health advisor and part of my job is assist victims of violence (any age and sex). Outside of work, I already teach once a week to a class of gorgeous 4 to 6 yr olds. and plan to do a family yoga training this summer. However in June, I have been asked by the Azahar foundation toteach a yoga session for a group of children who have either been sexually abused and/or victims of violence….As part of the healing process, I have read you can use affirmation exercises and read these to the children to find their inner child when he or she is in need of support. I have read by using affirmation exercises is crucial to the avoidance of people pleasing later in life…over time the child can slowly, decide what values and truths have importance. Using the affirmations cards will help me to guide the children to remind them to tell their inner child how happy they are to have him or her back in their life! and I am hoping so much more. I was planning to make my own cards for my classes….but its just finding the time. My long term goal is to incorporate my current job with my passion for yoga, I have seen so much suffering in the world and yoga has helped me so much to continue working in the organisation, but I would like to be able to give more back… Step by step, I will try to find more to time to work with this organisation which work with helping combat, prevent and heal victims of human trafficking. These beautiful cards will be most grateful for my present and future journey and I will also learn during the teaching process….thank you for the offer

  2. I have liked both pages for sometime now and I have just shared this blog post on my personal facebook page.

  3. Have shared this giveaway, already a liker of the page 🙂 goodluck to everyone these cards will no doubt brighten someone’s day

  4. “Liked” both pages, shared on my facebook pages, and entered via FB! Thanks for the contest opportunity 🙂

  5. Hello! I have Liked both pages (I Liked your page ages ago) and I also tweeted about this contest. I also Shared the contest and your FB page to everyone in my FB list. I think I have done everything possible 🙂 Thank you for offering this contest and for bringing to our attention these great product and servies so we can best serve our kids.

  6. Hello!!! I asked my friends to like your page, which I adore, and liked, pinned and twitted about the Nurture Cards. =)

  7. I asked on my facebook page to have people come *like* the OMazing Kids facebook page.

    Hey Yoga Across America, Global Family Yoga, BlissKids – A Children’s Yoga and Music Company, 123 kids yoga…..go and like OMazing Kids facebook site. Great resources for teaching kids yoga! ❤ YogaKiddos with Gaileee

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