Review & Giveaway: Peaceful Bedtime: Establishing a Yoga Bedtime Routine (a downloadable multimedia training)

Giveaway Peaceful Bedtime Yoga

Does your child have a difficult time getting to sleep? Is bedtime your least favorite time of the day? You are not alone, the National Association of School Psychologists believe that 30% of all school aged children have some type of sleep disorder. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports sleep problems as one of the top concerns among parents. Check out this great downloadable multimedia training from My Peaceful Playground!

Peaceful Bedtime:  Establishing a Yoga Bedtime Routine is a downloadable multimedia training for Parents and Caregivers by Jackie Morrison, RYT, CYKT, LMT that includes:

  • Peaceful Bedtime Playbook Manual (in 11-page PDF & 17-page ebook format)
  • Peaceful Bedtime MP3 Training (48:22 minutes)
  • Peaceful Bedtime MP3 Guided Visualization (7:15 minutes)
  • Peaceful Bedtime Yoga Video (7:41 minutes)
  • Heart Shape Eye Pillow Video Instructions (link to Youtube video)
  • Heart Shape Eye Pillow Pattern (2-page PDF)

video of routine

Heart-Shaped Eye Pillow Instructions & Pattern

The video about how to make the eye pillow was helpful:

What I loved about the multimedia training package:

  • includes info about the effects of sleep problems (ex: The National Sleep Foundation reported new findings in October 2012 that reports the important role sleep plays in the brain mechanisms at work during sleep shape our memory, learning and behavior. Dr. Ted Abel, reports a loss of less than half a night’s sleep can impair memory and alter the normal behavior of brain cells. Sufficient sleep for our children is vital to allow their body to grow, repair and function at its highest. During sleep their bones, muscles and tissue grow as well as their immune system is rejuvenated to be able to fight off infections and illness. If our children are sleep deficit over a prolonged period of time, serious consequence may occur, such as, attention disorders, depression, anxiety, and loss of memory.)
  • includes things you can do to improve your child’s sleep
  • includes details about establishing a Peaceful Bedtime Routine (bath, brush teeth, read a book, relaxing yoga poses, guided visualization, then sleep)
  • includes rationale behind why each yoga pose was chosen. (note: for safety purposes with the kids with special needs I work with, I will be sticking with Legs up the Wall vs. a Shoulderstand)
  • love that she talks about being flexible & meeting kids where they are.
  • the “Peace Breath” is a fabulous idea…. combining a relaxing breath with an affirmation!
  • love that she recommends Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids (one of my faves!)
  • love that it comes in formats for visual & auditory learners. I read the manual first & then listened to the audio. I’m usually more of a visual learner but in this case the audio helped really reinforce the concepts. The audio portion elaborates on the content in the manual. The video of the yoga routine will be especially helpful for parents & caregivers who may not be familiar with yoga.
  • the guided visualization mp3 will be great to use during a bedtime yoga routine or during Savasana in a kids yoga class.
  • the eye pillow looks fun to make! (note: please keep in mind any allergies or sensory sensitivities before selecting what to fill it with and whether or not to use any essential oils)

Website:  & Twitter:

Purchase this online training package on their website. As part of National Sleep Awareness Week 2013, they are offering a $10.00 discount on this online training. Use discount code: Sleep10.

Upon purchase you will receive three e-mails (an e-mail confirming your purchase, a shipping confirmation (even though nothing is being shipped in this case) & a third e-mail providing you with downloading instructions and your personal link. It took about 20 minutes to receive the third e-mail when I took the course. Their website states “On occasions it may take a few minutes to hours to receive your personal downloadable link. Thank you for your understanding. In the meantime, join us in Peace Breath – take a deep breath in through your nose and allow your soft exhale breath to tickle across your lips as you whisper “peace.” Take a few Peace Breaths and your downloadable instructions will arrive in your email box.”

More info about sleep: children and sleep

How much sleep we need - click pic to got to article

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online learning

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5 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Peaceful Bedtime: Establishing a Yoga Bedtime Routine (a downloadable multimedia training)

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner Melissa Huse. Thanks to everyone who participated! It was especially touching to read all the entry comments & I wish we could send a prize to each of you. Be watching for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kids soon 🙂

    Winning entry from Melissa Huse – I would be able to use this information almost daily! As a speech therapist and kids’ yoga teacher, I frequently encounter children with sleep issues and get many questions from parents and colleagues. I’d LOVE new ideas and resources, and could immediately implement them to help kiddos of all ages, including my own stressed out high schooler! I’ve been a big fan of OMazing Kids for some time, but I quickly “Liked” My Peaceful Playground both as an individual and as my company, Kid Partners, so I could get additional info and updates to share with others.

    Other entries:
    * I am a ChildLight Certified Yoga Instructor. I own Mountain Kids Yoga and teach classes in the beautiful Burlington, VT. I have heard from many parents I woke with (through yoga classes and as a Head Start Early Care Advocate) how much of a struggle bedtime is, especially for kids who already have a lot of stress in their young lives. I would love to be able to share ways to make bedtime an easier, peaceful time.

    * Not only do I teach yoga to children with special needs, who often need a little extra help relaxing and sleeping soundly, but I am now an evening nanny for a 4 year old boy (who fights his sleep) to supplement my income (because we all know it is not incredibly lucrative to teach yoga). My students, their families, my young friend, and myself (I am recovering from PTSD) would all incredibly benefit from quality rest and relaxation. We would be so appreciative! Namaste.

    * I am a parent of a child with autism and I’m a professional (therapist) working with kids with autism and related challenges. I’m always looking for tools to help parents and their children I serve. This looks like an interesting tool I could add to my repertoire. 😉

    * This training would lend us a great tool at Foundation Yoga For Kids. One of our little yogis has had night terrors and this training would aid in helping mommy not to mention all the benefits this would add to our practices.

    * First, this training would be helpful for me to use with my son. He has always been a bit of a “troubled” sleeper and learning some extra techniques to help him calm and relax before bedtime would be invaluable to our family. Less stress at bedtime would definitely be a plus! Second, this training would be helpful for me to teach other students and parents ways to make bedtime easier and help children get the sleep that they need to thrive and be their best selves.

    * I teach yoga to children but most importantly, I’m a mom to a 6 year-old little girl. She’s been my teacher in so many aspects of life, but I teach her life, I prepare her so she is ready to fly by herself when the time has come. It’s very important that she understands the importance of being and feeling peaceful; being able to relax anytime she feels like to. The peace and silence within is a precious tool that everyone on Earth should be able to master, in order to have a good life. Thank you for considering me for this training.

    * Hi! I am a mommy of a 21 year old and an active 6 year old boy who I would love to start a bedtime yoga routine with. I feel the benefits for him would be wonderful. We practice yoga and meditation, however, not on a regular basis. Another reason this training would be helpful to me is that I could incorporate into my Pre-K classroom, as well as pass what I have learned on to their parents. I have definitely experienced the benefit of yoga in my classroom-and the children love it! I feel that this would be a wonderful way to help the children transition from our busy morning to a peaceful naptime. I am so excited about incorporating yoga into not only my daily life, but to help all of the children in my life. I am so thankful that I found your Facebook page. I find myself returning to it everyday! Namaste

    * This training would be extremely helpful for me because my six year old daughter still has trouble sleeping through the night; she has had some traumatic experience with her father and is bothered by our separation. Being that I am a single mother, the lack of sleep causes us both a lot of stress. I enjoy yoga and have started practicing it with my daughter. I would love to get specific training so that I can work with her and we can all get a better sleep which would lead to more quality time together.

    * I am an Occupational Therapist working in several school systems, in Early Intervention and in a school for children with behavior disorders. Sleep is often a huge problem. Sleep and good food are the true building blocks for self regulation and learning. I am always looking for new ways to help parents and caregivers help their children get a restful, regenerating sleep.

    * Hello! My 5 1/2 year old daughter does not sleep “through the night” – never has. She is interested in yoga, and is eager to begin having sleep-overs at friends’ homes. I think this would help her develop tools to get more restful sleep, and be able to go enjoy a sleep over without anxiety (hers or ours!) about what happens when she wakes up in the night.

    * In a nutshell… my four year old won’t sleep until two hours AFTER I’ve put her to bed. 😛

    * I would be using this product with the students I work with who have issues with sleep and relaxation.

    * I teach kids and teen yoga at my studio and would love some fresh material

  2. I love this bedtime yoga training too! Isn’t it great? Jackie definitely created a wonderful resource! And thank you for mentioning my book, Imaginations. I’m glad that it can be incorporated into My Peaceful Playground’s bedtime routine!

  3. I already “Liked” your OMazing Kids page, and I “liked” the My Peaceful Playground page today. Thanks so much for offering the giveaways and for posting and sharing so many wonderful ideas and other resources!! 🙂

  4. I don’t just “like” OMazing Kids and My Peaceful Playground . . . I LOVE them!

    (Not only do I teach yoga to children with special needs, who often need a little extra help relaxing and sleeping soundly, but I am now an evening nanny for a 4 year old boy (who fights his sleep) to supplement my income (because we all know it is not incredibly lucrative to teach yoga). My students, their families, my young friend, and myself (I am recovering from PTSD) would all incredibly benefit from quality rest and relaxation. We would be so appreciative! Namaste.)

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