Review & Giveaway: Kathryn the Grape books & CD

Kathryn the Grape Giveaway

Want to help kids understand that they are remarkable & powerful individuals? Kathryn the Grape books & music encourage kids to shine who they uniquely are and dwell joyfully in their own magnificence. 

Through the award winning books & music of Kathryn the Grape, children learn important self-esteem building life lessons that affect change on their core level and inspire them to ripple loving kindness and compassion into the world.

Kathryn the Grape books

Just Like Magic: This book helps children learn about:

• Being fearless, courageous, and adventurous in trying new things.

• Accountability in doing the right thing and helping others.

• Discovering their own inner magic and using it for doing good things.

• Being friendly to someone who is lonely, and being open to making new friends.

Colorful Adventure: This book helps children learn about:

• What it feels like to trust themselves and their intuition.

• Respecting themselves by using their words to say how they feel.

• The colors and symbols associated with their chakras so they can shine in their uniqueness.

• How negative thoughts make everything gloomy, but loving thoughts make everything beautiful.

Piece of Love:  This book helps children learn about:

• Contributing their piece to creating peace.

• How their thoughts, words, and actions have a ripple effect.

• Being loving, kind, and accepting of themselves and others.

• Removing worried thoughts to be in the flow.

Here’s what I love about the books:

  • The books build on themselves so you get to see how Kathryn the Grape learns skills & becomes more empowered.
  • Each book includes practical strategies kids could use when facing real life situations (handling feeling nervous or worried, paying attention to who might need help around you, being a friend, being fearless, trying new things, being helpful, the ripple effect of kindness, etc…)
  • Love that affirmation & empowerment are the theme throughout the series of books.

Free printable coloring & activity pages to go with the books on their website!

Kathryn the Grape CD

Each song links to the first three books in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series:

• In KTG Just Like Magic, you learn about being MAGICAL, and how to get rid of NERVOUS BUBBLES.

• In KTG’s Colorful Adventure, you learn how to shine COLORFUL YOU as MAGGIE leads the way.

• In KTG’s Piece of Love, you learn to BELIEVE that we are all love, and how to be IN THE FLOW.

• Everyone will enjoy dancing along to our KTG theme song titled, THE FRIENDSHIP SONG!

Here’s what I loved about the music:

  • The songs tie into each of the 3 books so they will be a great way to engage multiple senses in learning!
  • Love the unique lyrics & tunes…. so much fun!
  • Imagine the power of kids listening to tunes that will inspire greatness 🙂

The products are available for purchase on Amazon (hardcover & Kindle versions of the books) & their website






Find out more about the story behind Kathryn the Grape and her heart for giving back through the Kathryn the Grape Fund.


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6 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Kathryn the Grape books & CD

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winning entries! Your info has been e-mailed to the company to mail out the prizes. Thanks to eveyone who participated. Wish we could send a prize to each of you to support you in the work you do with kids 🙂

    Grand Prize winning entry (all 3 books + CD): My name is Lisa Haverly, wife, mom, and Occupational Therapist. I recently started a business called Rainbow Tree Therapies – Therapeutic Enrichment in Nature! I am hosting summer camps this summer for kids ages 3-14 in Hudson, Wisconsin. Each camp has a different focus from motor and speech development, to self regulation as well as supporting self esteem. The camps are open to all kids but do have a special focus for kids who may be struggling in their development and need a boost in a fun stress free environment. Many of the kids that will be attending are children with Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, low self esteem, and motor and speech delays. One part of each camp will be storytelling and music time. I have been searching for stories and books that would be the perfect fit for my camps. I just today came across your facebook page and am so excited for what you have produced! I think they would be so beneficial for the students I will be servicing. My camps support connection to each other and to nature! Your books and CD’s would be so incredibly helpful in my mission to support kids. Please feel free to review my website to gain further information on my passion of supporting kids who have exceptional abilities! and I can also be followed on facebook. Thank you for considering Rainbow Tree Therapies as a recipient of your books and CD.

    Two winners of 1 item of choice:

    * Joanna O’Neal: I am a registered yoga teacher and volunteer teaching yoga in the local elementary schools. I would use the books and cd to create a special class for my students. I love creating a class centered around a book and positive theme, so the kids are not only moving and excersizing their bodies but are also learning important concepts to empower them to be their best and become outstanding citizens of the world. I love seeing them learn and absorb during yoga where they are more free to express themselves than they are inside of the classroom. Thanks! (chose Kathryn the Grape’s Piece of Love – book; she used the bonus entry option)

    * Karen Beagles: I teach yoga to both kids and teens. I love to use books as the theme for my classes and it’s amazing how the imagination flows with just a little prodding and a good book! Would love to use these creating different themes ideas. (chose Kathryn the Grape’s Colorful Adventure – book; she used the bonus entry option)

    Other entries:

    * I teach children’s yoga in my community through my business, Lotus Kids Yoga. I am just starting out and think these books would be a great addition to my classes. I think using stories and books are a great way to engage children through their practice! I really like that these are a set of coloring pages, songs, and stories! What more could you need! Thank you for offering this and sharing the great resource!

    * I would incorporate them in my kids meditation and yoga classes that I am going to start in April. I have just finished courses on both and am excited to get this going. I feel like kids these days really need this to teach them to be balanced…they have so much more going on than we did when we were children…I have always been drawn to helping kids and love that I am going to be able to help them more with teaching them.

    * Thanks so much for this opportunity! We would love to include these books into some of our preschool work. I think it’s important to teach from a young age that we are important and loved. I also think it’s important for my 3 year old to know how much I believe in him so that he is able to believe in himself.

    Be watching for another fun review & giveaway soon on OMazing Kids 🙂

  2. I liked the two pages on FB and will share the contest on my page!! Also entering via the giveaways tab! These book look like such a good tool to use to help empower kids and I would be so grateful and happy to incorporate these into my kids yoga classes at local schools!

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