Review & Giveaway: Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat & DVD

Lazy Lizards mat & DVD


Product Details: 

Lazy Lizards Kids Yoga Mats

– Made out of eco-friendly TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) material
– 12 poses printed on the mat so kids can follow along easily on the smooth printed surface, or turn around to use the other color blank grippy side
– Lightweight, easy for children to carry
– Closed cell construction, to keep out liquids and bacteria
– Anti slip grip with a soft touch
– 4 mm thick, for just the right cushion
– Kids sized, 24″w x 48″L
– Rounded corners

A brief description of each pose and a photo of a child doing the pose is available on their website:

Lazy Lizards Yoga for Kids DVD

Run Time: 40 minutes. Ages: 3 years +. Led by creator and instructor Hannah Smith, Lazy Lizards Yoga for Kids will encourage your child to participate in a healthy activity while having fun. Yoga not only strengthens the body but also develops body awareness, self-esteem and calms the mind. Follow along pretending to be animals, balloons, a slice of pizza and so much more. This easy to follow routine can be done individually, with a group or as a family activity. 30 minute program with an opportunity to take a break or stop after 20 minutes. Bonus extras with songs and games.

Lazy Lizards DVD menu screen

List Price: $44.95 for the yoga mat & DVD combo (mat: $32.00, DVD: $17.95)

Where to Purchase:, DVD on Amazon:

DVD Preview:

Here’s what I liked about these products:

  • I tried out the purple mat in my therapeutic OMazing Kids yoga group at the JD McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. Since I only had one of the mats and a group of 4 young boys, I used the mat as a special surprise towards the end of the group. Each child got to take turns getting on the mat, pointing to one of the pose pics and then we all did that pose. This worked GREAT for this group of young boys who had varying disabilities, communication challenges & some behavior issues. The mat provided a way for them to communicate a choice without the risk of yoga cards being damaged (if you work with kids with special needs or behavior challenges you have probably experienced the loss of precious yoga cards). One of the young boys was having a particularly rough day and using the Lazy Lizards mat was the best part of the class for him. He giggled & smiled as we all became “frogs” after he pointed to that pic on the mat.
  • I like that the mat is eco-friendly, closed cell construction, has rounded corners & is thick enough to provide a little extra cushion.
  • I like that the pics on the mat are large and that there are only 12 poses on the mat. When a couple of the young boys in our class were unable to make a choice out of a field of 12, I gave them a choice of 2 poses that were next to each other on the mat.
  • It’s nice to be able to turn the mat over to a plain solid side for kids who might be overwhelmed by the visual stimulation of all the pose pics. Or those who might take it literally that they can only do those poses or do those poses in that order on the mat (you will be able to relate to this if you work with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other special needs).
  • I liked the playful nature of the DVD and that it showed a realistic depiction of what a yoga class for young kids looks like. Kids were allowed to participate & enjoy the class at their level. While the DVD is marketed for ages 3+, based on my experience I would suggest that it would be most appealing to young kids (ages 3-7). My favorite parts of the DVD were the seed-to-flower & making a slice of pizza sequences.

Other thoughts: While the music in the background of the DVD was usually pleasant, at times it made it difficult to hear the yoga instructor. This also could be overstimulating or make it difficult for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, Central Auditory Processing problems or other special needs. Two of the poses may be a little confusing to kids who some experience with yoga: tree (is really more like mountain with arms lifted) & flamingo (is what tree pose traditionally looks like).

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  • Four (4) winners will be chosen via a random drawing of valid entries on February 13, 2013.
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  • The winner will be notified via e-mail and will be posted on the blog post.
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  • Prize Value: $44.95 for the yoga mat & DVD combo

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14 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat & DVD

  1. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the 4 winners: Kimberly Evans, Christa Wolski, Dandy Everist & Donna Chapman. Thanks to everyone who participated! The entries were heart warming….. wish we could send mats & DVD’s to each of you. Be watching for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kids soon.

  2. Here are all the entries received via the Facebook tab. (FYI: Color requested: purple: 17, green: 16, pink: 5). The first 4 are the winning entries:

    1. I am a Special Education teacher that facilitates the learning of young students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We are just beginning the collaboration of gaining a volunteer yoga teacher for our classroom, and this kit would be a tremendous asset! As a yoga student myself for the last 15 years, I understand the wonderful qualities that yoga can bring to an individual’s life – calming strategies, body awareness and esteem, and I know my students will benefit greatly from this experience!

    2. I would give this to my daughter who has juvenile diabetes. She turns 7 this month and is ready to develop a private yoga practice. This mat would help her remember poses and incorporate them into her practice, without any adult assistance. This is ideal for her since so much of her day involves input from others and a real lack of control in decision making. Others provide input on what to eat, how much to eat, delivering insulin and getting blood sugars. She could gain substantial self confidence and self satisfaction being able to create her practice all on her own.

    3. My son struggles with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. He has a lot of stomach pain and nausea. He also struggles with balance because of inner ear issues. I am trying to teach him some yoga poses to help him relax and deal with his pain, especially before bedtime! His favorite color is purple and he would LOVE a purple mat!

    4. We love doing yoga in our preschool class…..we incorporate it into our music and movement time..I would love to have a DVD to help us become more organized and develop more of a predictable routine for the kids. We are somewhat shopping from the hip at this point. We primarily serve low income families so we don’t have a budget for yoga mats. It would be neat to have one that the kids could use on their special day , each child gets a turn as the designated line leader about once a month, it would add their feeling of importance! Thanks! I hope A’Propos preschool wins!!

    5. I am a registered yoga teacher and volunteer my time in the local elementary school teaching yoga to the kids. I would love to win the DVD to learn new ideas to share with my students! They love yoga and are so open minded. I know one specific student (a kindergartener) who I would award the mat to. She loves yoga so much, and I know she has a lot of challenges at home that make yoga even that much more important of a tool for her. I would love to be able to give her the mat.

    6. I would like to give it to one of the children I teach that loves yoga. I teach at a non-profit and I know that her family can’t afford or wouldn’t consider to buy her such a gift.

    7. I love seeing new ideas for kids yoga classes! I teach at my local yoga studio, YMCA and schools! I’m always searching for different games, songs, etc to keep all my classes fresh! I teach 4-5kids yoga classes a week so this would be great! Love to share the mats with kids that don’t have one for the class!

    8. I teach Kids’ Yoga and mindfulness so I will use the mat either in class or as a giveaway/raffle item for kids who attend during certain dates. I will use the DVD to help give me ideas for my classes and maybe also as a giveaway. Will also promote on my FB site and the FB site for the studio where I teach if used as a giveaway! Fingers crossed!

    9. I would be using this yoga mat and DVD in connection with my weekly yoga class for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

    10. I would use in my kids yoga classes for sure!!

    11. My 4 year old would love her own yoga mat and video to follow, she always tries to get on mine and follow me!

    12. I would use to practice yoga with my daughter.

    13. I would use it in two ways, 1. To help inspire my teaching 2. I would give it to one of be many children in my yoga class who love yoga.

    14. I’d get new ideas to share with my kids’ yoga classes!

    15. I teach children’s yoga…and also have 3 children of my own that I teach…what a wonderful tool!

    16. The mat would be for my toddler and his practice to do in conjunction with my practice or solo with a little assistance from me.

    17. I will be using this at home with my kids.

    18. I would use the mat and DVD to practice yoga with my beautiful 4 & 6 year old kiddos. Both kids practice yoga at school and I would love to continue it with them at home.

    19. I would be using it in my kindergarten classroom where we do yoga daily.

    20. I am a school social worker and work at an elementary school. I work with kids from age 5 to 12 in grades K-5. I teach them coping skills such as deep breathing and yoga to deal with stress and family dysfunction. I think yoga has been very helpful to my own mental health and well being. Thank you for your consideration.

    21. I will use this cool mat in the classes I volunteer teach at high risk schools in my community. The kids are so excited when it is their turn to use a real yoga mat!

    22. Lazy lizard mats and DVD are awesome. I would love to use them for the kids yoga class I’m starting. I want to offer a safe, creative, fun and friendly space and time to explore and get to know themselves better through yoga, movement and their amazing possibilities. 🙂

    23. I would love to use these mats for my kids yoga classes I teach at 6 area elementary schools. I could also use them in my Family Yoga class I teach at a local studio as well. The DVD would be great as a reference to write some new lesson plans.

    24. In my kids yoga class

    25. My daughter would love to have her own mat (pink of course) to bring to her classes!

    26. I am currently a children’s yoga instructor (just starting out, less than a year ago). I would love to use this DVD to increase my knowledge of children’s yoga & pick up some new tips! I would use the mat to carry with my to the private lessons I do in children’s homes! The adult mats I have are just TOO big for the kids 😦

    27. I would use this mat and DVD in my yoga for preschooler class. I love the idea of each child getting a chance to use the mat and pick out their favorite pose to introduce to the rest of the class. I haven’t used a DVD with this class and would LOVE to try this one!

    28. I do sessions with kids 1:1 and groups, using nlp meditation, hypnotherapy, this would be a great resource for using with them and also my own kids.

    29. This yoga mat and DVD would be great to use with my son. I teach kids and family yoga, but he is sometimes resistant to doing his own practice with me. Having his own mat at home and following the directions on the DVD (instead of mommy) would be a nice break for him in the afternoon.

    30. As an educator and mother I am excited to learn how to better incorporate yoga with the children in my life to enrich our moments together and deepen our awareness of self and the world around us.

    31. I teach kids yoga in community settings, whenever I can get into my sons school(ill be there Friday for a special 100 day of school celebration and then again before the MCA’s), at studios and just about anywhere I find kids!

    32. I would do one of 2 things with this mat, I haven’t decided. I would give it to my daughter, who would love it…or I would use it as a special prop in my preschool kids yoga classes…magic carpet?

    33. I would use the DVD in my church where I facilitate mindfulness groups for kids 4-12 years old

    34. This would be great for my preschool class!!!

    35. With my children ages 6 and 9 at home.

  3. I would use the DVD in my church…I facilitate mindfulness groups for kids 4-12 years. A green mat is our color choice.

  4. As a children’s yoga instructor, I teach a 4 yr old autistic boy I teach on a regular basis. He loves yoga and is so excited to come to class every week. However, his parents do not have much money and I think he would LOVE to have his own yoga mat . The new video would allow me to learn some new routines and I could also loan the video to G, so that he can practice at home with his Dad who is a true believer in the healing powers of yoga. This giveaway is not for me, but a “giveaway” to a special boy whom I hope will carry the gift of yoga with him through his teen and adult life! Namaste

  5. I would use a PINK Mat (her favourite colour, of course!!)with my 2 year old Poppy. She is one of my ‘testers’ for yoga routines, class ideas etc… ❤

  6. I would love to try out these mats with my kids yoga classes. I currently teach at 6 local elementary schools and also have a Family Yoga class at a local studio. My son has been practicing since he was in utero. I prefer a green mat, so it would be gender neutral. Thanks!

  7. I would love to try a blue mat in the KIds’ Yoga classes that I teach or maybe have some sort of raffle/contest for kids who attend. Would also love to watch the DVD for new ideas for my classes, especially for 2-3 year olds. My class is “officially” for 4-9 year olds, but I often have younger siblings join in.

    • Hi Valerie – I changed your mat choice to “green” (to match your entry via the Facebook tab) since blue was not given as an option by the company for this giveaway 🙂

  8. I would love to enter the drawing! My kiddos both practice yoga at their schools and I have practiced for years. It would be great to have this at home for the kids!

  9. I have used the Lazy LIzards mats for years with my preschoolers and early elementary ages. The mats are a nice size for that age group but too short for my 4th graders and up. The DVD has been used at the school to use in my absence on occasion successfully. The mats make for an easy yoga lesson, encouraging visual scanning, left to right scanning for prereading skills and having kids take turns being the “teacher” by picking a pose on the mat and teaching the others in the group.

    • Hi Jeanette – Thanks for the info! From my experience, this and other “kid-sized” mats are best suited for kids up to age 8 (possible a little older if they are small for their age). I had several 8 year olds in my inclusive classes this past summer whose head or feet were hanging off the edge of the mat and they often commented about the mat being too small. So that’s a good time to graduate up to an adult size mat 🙂

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