Review & Giveaway: Jeeva Finds Courage (Read and Learn Yoga book)


Product Details: Jeeva Finds Courage is the first book in a 13-book series of interactive Read and Learn Yoga storybooks teaching children yoga principles and the physical practice of yoga. The books feature a little boy named Jeeva, his mentor Guru, and a host of friends that include special animals who accompany Jeeva on his many adventures. Based on the yoga sutras and issues confronting today’s youth, Jeeva takes you on a path of compassion, discovery and self-reflection while meeting new and exciting animals along the way. There are a series of postures in each book, with a reference guide that is easy to read and learn. The postures are fun. Children and adults alike can spend time together making Jeeva and his friends come to life through physical movement.

  • Paperback: 50 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 30, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 146819917X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1468199178
  • Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 6.9 x 9.8 inches

List Price: $14.95

Where to Purchase: Amazon:


Here’s what I love about this book:

  • Each 2-page spread has a full-page colorful illustration on the left. The right side has short text in a large easy-to-read font plus an illustration of the yoga pose.
  • Poses in the book: mountain, sun salutation (simplified to a Warrior I pose), cat, downward facing dog, lizard, monkey, tree, eagle, giraffe, river, fish, lotus, savasana.
  • Includes a brief relaxation script for savasana.
  • A 14-page section at the end of the book provides another illustration of each pose & detailed but easy-to-understand instructions for that pose.
  • Love that the names for characters were thoughtfully chosen & meanings given (ex: Jeeva = one true self, Veera = courageous one)
  • Wonderful messages of friendship, compassion, commitment & taking care of others!

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8 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Jeeva Finds Courage (Read and Learn Yoga book)

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  3. This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the 5 winners: Rossana Carrasco, Laurea Palmantier, Angie Continisio, Lucia Magnoli & Jeanie Laterra. Your info has been e-mailed to the company to mail the prize to you.

    Thanks to everyone who participated! It’s always heartwarming to read the entries 🙂 Be watching for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kids soon!

  4. Here are the entries received via the Facebook tab & e-mail:

    I’m a Kids Yoga Teacher at Lancaster School in Mexico City. I work with 40 students from the ages 3 to 11, including a few kids with disabilities. This is one of the few schools with an inclusion program in the City. Kids Yoga is very new in Mexico and I’m always looking for new materials from other countries, because they are almost nonexistent here. My classes are very focused to work with values, so I’d loooove to share “Jeeva finds courage” with my students. The book looks beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

    I would love to have a book that would share all the heart opening wisdom of the Sutras with our little ones! Thank you once again for shining your light on yet another fabulous find!

    I am back in school obtaining my College Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am presently taking 2 classes – 1 entitled Literature in Childhood and another entitled Music & Movement. I would use this book for an end of year Assignment where I need to use a story book to create a Literature and Music assignment. It would be fun to use this story as it will be different and would also give the other students a taste of yoga in order that it may peek an interest in yoga and therefore spread its importance in the classroom!

    I would utilize the book with my students in school and incorporate the important message of friendship and community while teaching the poses highlighted.
    I can utilize the book in my yoga classes by incorporating a family yoga night and utilizing the book during g the practice. Thank you.

    I would use this book to help educate children about the beauty of yoga. I am currently studying to be a yoga teacher for preschoolers, ages 3-6 years old. I absolutely LOVE being with children, and helping them learn about the light that shines within them. Yoga is also a passion of mine. Sharing my knowledge with all children is my purpose in life. Yoga helps our mind, body, and spirit. I would like children to utilize what I teach them from this book in their own lives. Even encourage them to share what they learn with their families and friends. If I reach just one child, and inspire them, or boost their self-esteem, I will have made a difference in the world. Namaste.

    I will be using this book in connection to my weekly yoga classes with children with
    special needs.

    Sunday nights at my new studio have organically become ˜family yoga night”. The things the kids say (every time I inhale, I think a strong word like brave or calm or courage, and every time I exhale, I imagine I’m exhaling bubbles with angry faces or hey handstands are kinda fun or, after naming a bunch of poses to end class and cuddling next to mom during savasana: This is I love you pose.) and the response of parents tells me I’ve got to keep offering this. But I do NOT consider myself a kids yoga teacher: that’s just not my gift. I can do it, but it is seriously draining to me, and I need all the tools I can get. Thanks!

    I am always looking for new ways to inspire and bring new yoga principles into my
    children’s yoga classes. This looks like a perfect match.

    I love the premise of this book and i would use it definitely in my yoga class! I teach
    kids 4 – 12 and teens 12 and up! This would be wonderful for either class, actually both!

    I would use Jeeva Finds Courage to teach preschoolers, ages 3-6 years old, about the beautiful light that shines inside them. I am currently studying to be a yoga kids
    teacher. I have a passion for teaching children and practicing yoga. This book would be a wonderful way to encourage all children that they can do anything if they believe in themselves. Jeeva’s example of compassion for animals is a fabulous way to reach learners. The yoga poses of the animals are a fun way to get children excited about learning how to practice yoga. I want to share what is in my heart with them, and encourage them to share what they learn from Jeeva with others. Every child is unique and has their own gifts to share. Jeeva and yoga can help build their confidence and self-esteem to share these gifts. I believe utilizing this story in yoga instruction for kids would benefit all types of learners. Namaste.

    I will share the book with students in my role as School Social Worker & Mama!

    Jeeva finds courage will help my two kids to take an imaginative trip with Jeeva and his friends. Will help them both learn about teamwork, wisdom, compassion and how helpful is the yoga for their health. Because the book will capture their attention thru color full pages and a story about Jeeva adventure they will enjoy reading, practicing yoga as well expand their imaginations into a new word of yoga and real life social skills that they can treasure and put in practice thru their life’s.

    I am longing to start teaching yoga/meditation to kids/students here in Australia. I
    feel it deep inside, and just need to figure out the steps/information to get there. This
    book seems like it would be a great tool.

    I will use the book in my role as a School Social Worker who is teaching Mindfulness,
    including intentional body movement (secular yoga) to elementary students.

  5. Hi, I´m a Kids Yoga Teacher in a School in Mexico City. I work with around 40 students from the ages 3 to 11, including a few kids with disabilities. I´m always looking for new materials from other countries because it´s not easy to find them here. My classes are very focused in values and I´d looove to share this inspiring book with the kids.

  6. OOO! A children’s book based on the Yoga Sutras is very exciting to me. I am reading about the Sutras myself right now and the message is so meaningful and heartfelt something that would truly benefit our children today. I would love to share this with my kiddos. Thank you for sharing this!

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