Multiple Intelligences: eight different potential pathways to learning

“It’s not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.”

~ Howard Gardner

Did you know that there are at least eight different potential pathways to learning?  So whatever you are teaching or learning, see how you might connect it with:

  • words (linguistic intelligence)
  • numbers or logic (logical-mathematical intelligence)
  • pictures (spatial intelligence)
  • music (musical intelligence)
  • self-reflection (intrapersonal intelligence)
  • a physical experience (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)
  • a social experience (interpersonal intelligence)
  • an experience in the natural world (naturalist intelligence)

When doing this, also keep in mind and individual child’s sensory processing needs & preferences.

More info about this concept at:, &

Update 1/11/13: Check out this great post by Barbara Gini at BodyLogique for even more info & links on this topic:

Update 2/22/13: Read this short article about the benefits of combining literacy & movement – “Learning By Leaps and Bounds: Linking Literacy & Movement” by Rae Pica from NAEYC: 2-page PDF –

Update 3/28/13: A “must read” post “Nine Things Educators Need to Know About the Brain” from The Greater Good Science Center (shared by Shanti Generation)

Update 6/8/13:  A free printable poster & kids survey from Laura Candler:

multiple intelligences 2

poster-02-mi_actions-11x17 multiple intelligences×17.jpg

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    • Hi Barbara – Great minds thinking alike 🙂 I’m sure your post would be much more in-depth than mine….. that’s what I always enjoy about your posts. Amazed by all the great info you share!

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        • The more posts on this the better! Post the link to your post & I’ll add it to mine 🙂 Still surprises me how many folks are unaware of the power of tapping into multiple learning styles.

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