Review & Giveaway: Chill Children Guided Relaxation with Global Family Yoga

Looking for a way to help your kids relax? Want a guided relaxation CD that will appeal to a wide range of ages of kids? Then check out the “Chill Children Guided Relaxation with Global Family Yoga” CD!


Product Description: The “Chill Children Guided Relaxation with Global Family Yoga” CD includes seven guided relaxation visualizations spoken by Mira Binzen, founder of Global Family Yoga.


  1. Welcome (1:52) – practice notes to help you get the most out of these guided journeys.
  2. Dead Bug (0:49) – physically shake the limbs to release tension from the body.
  3. Shining Star (6:27) – feel a point of light touch, warm and relax each part of your body.
  4. A Visit With the Worry Witch (7:07) – leave all your worries and concerns with the Worry Witch who will stitch them into her beautiful quilt, leaving you free to explore a very special place.
  5. Waterfall of White Light (2:24) – feel white energy pouring down into the top of your head and through your body, washing away any tension or bad feelings held in the body.
  6. Magic Carpet Ride (12:17) – take an inspiring journey to a place where you feel peaceful, relaxed, safe and protected.
  7. True Nature (5:39) – feel all the elements of nature around you and within you.
  8. Good Night (5:23) – listen in bed to help your mind and body prepare for sleep and drift off into dreams.


What I liked about the CD:

  • Young kids will enjoy the short “Dead Bug” activity to release tension. Includes the sound of kids giggling and laughing at the end.
  • Love the chime that sounds as you move to each area of the body for relaxation in “Shining Star”.
  • Love the beautiful background music in “Magic Carpet Ride” & the nature sounds in “True Nature”…. Adds to the relaxation without being overpowering.
  • Love the analogy of thoughts being like fireflies in “Good Night”.
  • Love the inclusion of shorter tracks (for kids with shorter attention spans) and longer tracks (for older kids or for kids to work up to as they progress in their ability to relax).
  • Mira’s voice has a soothing & reassuring quality to it without sounding childish….. this will make the CD appealing to kids & youth of all ages. Even adults will enjoy many of the tracks on this CD! 🙂
  • While I love the concept of leaving worries behind, I do not like to use images of witches, wizards or anything of that sort due to my own personal religious beliefs. So I won’t be using “A Visit with the Worry Witch”. Instead I will use some of the concepts from that track and incorporate it into my own guided relaxations with the kids.


Price at the time of this post: CD $15.00

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Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

Speech-Language Pathologist

Founder of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC – inclusive yoga for kids & teens of all abilities in Norman, Oklahoma

Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2





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4 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Chill Children Guided Relaxation with Global Family Yoga

  1. This giveaway is now closed……Congratulations to Kate Bowdren for winning this great CD! I have e-mailed your address to Global Family Yoga to mail it to you.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! Be looking for another fun review & giveaway on OMazing Kids Yoga soon 🙂


    Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
    Founder of OMazing Kids Yoga, LLC – inclusive yoga for kids & teens of all abilities in Norman, Oklahoma
    Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2

  2. Here are the comments from the entries received via the “Enter Giveaways Here…” tab on the OMazing Kids Yoga Facebook page:

    1. I will use this cd during the yoga classes I teach at charter schools in the metro Phoenix areas. The children I teach qualify for a government sponsored afterschool activity program since the areas they are living in do not have adequate safe areas to play in. Many of the children are refugees from Thailand and I think this cd would be very beneficial for our practice!

    2. I would use the CD in my 3rd grade classroom to help my students become relaxed before a test, or any other time we need some calm.

    3. My toddler LOVES yoga..this would be great before naptime or when maybe not feeling so well (Teething ;(..)

    4. Creating intimate playtime at home with my child, or with the children at the daycare I work with, f.e. the baby massages or mommy & me playgroups

    5. I love the yoga practice thatI have with both my own children and my students. The one area that I feel is lacking is mediation. I am a little scattered when it comes to focusing and relaxing. I would love to have a copy of this CD to help me become better with this part of my pratice.

    6. I think I would use it when they came home from day care and school. To help them calm down so we can have a relaxed and happier time at home together. My girls are only little, but if they are stressed and way over excited than I am stressed. I’m also looking for a Mindfulness book I heard about for them and me. It shows me how to help my kids to be calm.

    7. I would love to use this with my daughter and the children I teach which are both ages k-3.

    8. I do yoga daily with my preschool class

    9. I’m really excited about using the Chill Children CD to do guided meditation and yoga nidra with my nephew and niece. As it is, I do my own made-up version of kiddie meditation to help them fall asleep whenever I visit. Sometimes they call me asking for my special bedtime meditation by phone. I can’t wait to try out Global Family’s Chill Children CD with them!

    10. I am a dance educator in a public school in Brooklyn. Funds are limited and I am always looking for new and interesting resources to use with my students.

    11. Love to use this cd with my kids at home and in my kids yoga classes!

    12. Would use before/during nap/rest time at daycare.

    13. I would use this as a sleep aid for my 10 yr old son with Asperger’s who has a hard time falling asleep. I am sure this would also be helpful for other times when he is full of anxiety. Can’t wait to listen to it!

    14. I would use this CD in my class for relaxation time at the end of my dance classes that I teach in public school. Relaxation is about the only time in the day my students get to relax and breath.

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